Monday, March 4, 2013

Whole Lotta STUFF Going On!!!

Lambs, running A-frames, blizzards...etc etc etc...

It's a busy time here! :)

Lambing has started...we started out with a HUGE set of twins out of my favorite Ewe, Lou :) She is such a great mom. 

Then a bit of a break...but with a huge snow storm coming...OF COURSE more lambs will come. I swear the changes in pressure make things happen.

So I came out to the barn to check...and there we had one :) A good sized ram lamb.
 Made sure momma and baby were settled in a bit...then gave her a break to see if she would have another while I was out walking the pups (in the way I am walking in the 40 mph winds and snow/sleet that are outside!)...

And came back to this...
 Good momma :) She is the first replacement ewe we kept since we started this crazy venture. She is out of Lou (the fav ewe in the herd) and she is just an awesome girl...

We have a set of triplets I am SURE...she is HUUUUGE!!!!! And she is ready...hoping the weather will get those buggers out of her so they don't get much bigger!

She is now all settled into the lambing jug...heat lamp on the babies...alfalfa hay in the feeder. Grain...frest water in a heated bucket. Life is good. She knows the routine and with a little nudge from Klink, she went right in :)

Positive motivation works for sheep too! LOL

For me..there is NOTHING more peaceful...than a ewe and her babies...all warm, comfortable, clean and dry...with momma munching on hay and her babies eating...just a zen moment for me :)

Even Steven is a SUPER STAR :) She is now doing her "thang" with the toy, and I think she is actually even BETTER with the toy as the training reward! YAY EVEN!!!!! I am liking the method so far :) It's fun!!

Otherwise...she just does this:
Acoustic Puppy :)

Now...the big thing...the thing that I have to admit, am letting a bit of a SQUEAL out on...Gator...full height. 

This was his first day...this is a session for us. Took him a couple to figure it out..but then he seemed to settle in!!! GOOD BOY! I expect him to just get deeper into the yellow as he gains confidence :)

Please excuse the 70 layers I have on (and the winter boots, and the totally sexy hat...)..I am training dogs, there's a blizzard and I am checking on lambs constantly. I smelled like sheep crap and I am sure I had fluids of unknown origin on my clothes...that's farm life. Sorry :)

I will say SO FAR...I have followed the DVD for retraining to a T and it hasn't been tough...SO far... :) I am sure during the "FADE THE GIANT BOX" there might be issues...but I knew that from the beginning...

So we will continue forth :) I am very happy with him...

Off to check my ewes again :)

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