Friday, March 29, 2013

Differences and stuff...

My dogs constantly remind me that they are so very different from each other. One would think, being that all my dogs are related closely, they would all have similar temperaments. But that really couldn't be further from the truth.

Random lamb photo...I have way too many :)
They are all individuals...with their own strengths and weaknesses. Just like us :)

Gator is doing so very well on his AF's. He is getting deeper and deeper in the yellow. I am going to get part of the bar removed this weekend and see how he handles that. I think he won't really care. Slowly but surely fade that box off...

If he is wrong, and doesn't get the reward, he will immediately fix it the next rep. He understands the behavior and is certain about it. He can be a thinker, but not for long. Analyzing isn't his deal, he would rather just GO. This is very helpful for this retrain :)

We don't have another trial until the end of April, so more time to work on it. I hope I will have the faith in that AF when the Michigan regional comes along in May :)

And if we don' is what it is. I am enjoying running the boy with the RAF...I really don't like stopped AF's.  It just doesn't work for me anymore...

Then there is Klinker Stinker :) She was easier on some aspects, worse on others....grid work? Piece of cake! (Gator had issues with that!)...Klink nailed it. In regards to breaking that stop...She hasn't been quite as easy. Klink was CONVINCED that if I run next to the AF, I am proofing. So she will SLAM into a stop all confident and look at me like YEAH!!! I WIN!!!

Beating head against wall...SO...

I am SLOWLY adding motion. She is getting it :) Though not charging forward like her brother, but everyday gets better :) We are still at 4'6" and will stay there until she will let me do anything on the AF and not even THINK about stopping. The good thing is, she is giving me two LOVELY strides, and is deep in the yellow. She never hits the box (Gator can be a butt on that sometimes) and is going faster and faster each session :)

I have some video of "breaking the stop" I am going to get together to post. As that was probably the most frustrating part of this retrain and I know others                      have been frustrated too in that area.'s coming together :) I think...

After the horrible lambing situation on the first yearling to go, I was scared about the rest of the yearlings lambing. Luckily, the ewe with all the issues is doing great, you can't even tell there were any issues. So when a yearling started going last night my head went to the worst possible place. Luckily for us this girl had a textbook lambing :) Two healthy babies! 

The new family! :)
What a good mom she is too! 

These lambs are just so darn cute!!! I would be out there looking at them, enjoying their antics...but their mothers SCREAMING at me to feed them CONSTANTLY is getting old :) 

I mean, how can you not have a good morning when you see this??
 The older babies are HUGE already...we bred to a registered Dorset ram, nice lines and good gains. These little buggers are growing!!!!!
 Vittles is say the least :)
One of the fun parts of spring... 

I'm hoping the rest of lambing is uneventful :)

And in other news. Miss Zip will be running in veterans jumpers. She will turn 10 April 5th and I miss running her. Jumping 12 inches will be fun, she enjoys the game, why not?

I miss running her so much. What's a 4th dog to run for one class :-) Here is a video of her running and getting her APD. Good girl Zip. It will be fun to have her back in the ring again. She is such a little imp! LOL
And...wanted to show you one of Crackers favorite games :) Go little dude GO!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter! We are going to relax this weekend, have a good Sunday dinner and enjoy the warmer temps!!!

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Monique said...

LOL Glad I am not the only person who has "just *&#^$ run fast and get exercise you guys" on cue.