Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Training...and more training...

No trials planned until the end of March...and the weather is actually NICE!! Upper 20's...feels like SUMMER!

Gator's running aframe education continues...lots of light bulb moments for the boy ;) Including his first day at 5'6"!

If you remember, he was throwing a weird foot thing in, I didn't like it so I went back to the grid work and worked him back up. Yesterday, NO issues. Clean striding, and only one time did he hit the box :) YAY!

He isn't as relaxed at this height as the lower heights. So we will be staying here for a good, long time. But I LOVE what I am seeing, head down, focusing on the job at hand. When he does mess up a rep, he will NAIL it the next time around. 

How do I know he isn't as relaxed at this height...look at some of his hits...they are higher...if he is relaxed he is very much in the middle of the box. So we will work this height until it is no biggie for him :) 

He is so very happy when he gets it right...parades around and is all wiggles and barks. It's fun training him :) He loves doing the right thing...and really is such a biddable dude. Just adore him.

Even is a bit LESS biddable :) We are working on Dawn Weavers online class stuff and I have to make VERY SURE there is nothing reinforcing around. She likes treats and all, BUT...if she has the option..she wants a toy. So NO TOYS AROUND! I also learned that jump standards are also rewarding...so no jumps around our work area :)

She is doing well though...picking up the info, and applying it. She generalizes very well (which is nice!!! Her sister didn't as a young pup!) so I have begun taking the training on the road. In the kitchen, the garage, the barn, outside in the snow even. Just to make sure she understands the behaviors. She is a blast to train :)

Lynn and Klink have been getting a bit of the short end...I need to get to training them. More so for conditioning than anything. To keep the rust off.

The husband is going to stay home and watch the ewes so I can go to the OTR USDAA the end of March. For Friday night and Saturday only. He will go on Sunday and I will stay home :) It works :)

Speaking of lambing...the ewes are getting BIG. I think we will have several sets of twins this year. We have lots of new mothers this year...so that could prove interesting!!! The older ewes know the drill so they are super easy to deal with as long as you have a dog. The younger ones however, could prove a challenge. But...I have Klink and Zip. They are the best lambing dogs ever :)

Spring is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

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