Monday, October 15, 2012

HOME...Finally...for a while...

It's been a whirlwind...since we left for Colorado the end of September...until now. It has been non stop. Flying, teaching, driving, competing, healthy, sick, you name it. 

And now I am home...for a while. 

It feels REALLY GOOD to be home.

I really missed my recharges me, centers me. The husband, the dogs, the sheep, my utopia :)

I came home to a crew of VERY excited puppies...Even I thought was going to have a heart attack. She loves her dad, but I am her world. I'll admit I am pretty darn smitten with her too :)

It's 7 pm and I am taking Nyquil...that might give you a hint how I am currently feeling health wise :)

I plan on editing and posting videos...but the runs were just part of the learning that went on at dogs made me very proud.

I've gotten to meet so many amazing people these past weeks, visited some gorgeous places and have really grown as a person since this started.

All the travel and teaching makes you really appreciate home...

So I plan to take a few days and really take in my home...enjoy the fall, play in the leaves and be grateful for what I have...the blessings in my life that are plentiful...

My life is pretty I got here, I don't know, but I am glad I did :) 
Embrace the journey :) I am :)

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Diana said...

Feel better soon!!