Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ready To Roll...tomorrow... :)

One more day until we head out to Colorado for Cynosport...LOTS of things left to get done...I'm trying not to adopt this mantra :)
 The dogs and I have been training, as much as I would LIKE? Probably not. But in reality, they are trained. We have been focusing more on getting physically in shape for Nationals. LOTS of ball work for the pups and endurance work. 

They all went into the chiropractor for a "one more time" look-see before we head off. She was impressed with all the muscle they put on. I think they are physically in top form (lets not talk about me :)

I have also been working out, 6 days a week. This last week was a "don't lose weight but lose inches" kind of week. I like the number to go down...BUT...I was able to measure a HUGE difference in my body and how it fit in clothes. I will continue to work downwards on the scale and upwards in % of my body that is muscle. Still no sugar or grains...I think it's what...a month, or 5 weeks or something? I still feel great. And I don't miss sugar 99% of the time :) I feel like, for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I have control over my eating...and I am eating more like "normal skinny folks"...feels good.

I also have been doing some soul searching a bit about Klink...she is a LOVELY agility dog...can be a bit hard headed, but we have come to an agreement and she really is a lot of fun to run. Has gotten me to the finals many times and even on the podium :) However...I miss herding...she misses herding...
I'm thinking of focusing on herding with her for a year or so...she is a LOVELY dog on sheep....can move anything, is fully trained and why not? I think she has proven to everyone that she is a talented agility dog :) Seriously considering it...
 I think in the end, it will help her stay healthy and injury free as well...since that is the most natural thing for them to do. I know Even doesn't do any agility, only herding, and she is NEVER an issue. Good on massages, never needs an adjustment. Just in perfect health...

We shall see. Planning on getting her all polished up and maybe put her in a few trials this spring and see how it goes. I really miss herding...really really miss herding.

And I miss tolerance... 
 I had people that were offended by this on the back of a semi...why? Because they have a different idea of humor than yourself? Please...embrace the differences people. Practice acceptance and tolerance and not judging.  We are all on a different path.  Respect each other.  I hope I see respect of others at makes life much better :)

Off my platform :) Onto something COMPLETELY USELESS!!!

 My friends made me do it. I had no choice. But man they are awesome. Minimalist that. I have adopted the barefoot running craze and REALLY like how my body has adapted. Was having hamstring issues...and knees were NOTHING. I love it! To Nationals I will be bringing these, Vibrams, Merrills (with vibram soles) and a pair or regular tennies...though I won't probably use them.

I have packed everything under the sun. Lows in the 40's and highs in the 70's...chance for rain. All that fun I packed basically my entire closet. I know, typical woman. But I HATE BEING yeah. 

7 baths, 7 sets of nails, 7 beds, 7 crates, taking 3 dogs to friends houses to farm out. House sitter for sheep and cats?? Yes, dogfood, yes, supplements? yes. Crates? yes. leashes, collars, etc etc etc etc etc.......YES.

Leaving for this long (and BOTH of us being gone) is really tough...but we are almost done packing! YAY! 
And Klinky looks perty...even though she hates baths :)

Leave tomorrow, Nebraska overnight, then onto Denver...unpack, set up, and relax until Wed am. Klink, Gator and Crackers have byes for GP, so they are just going to run the Warm up class. Lynn however, gets to try to get out of Quarterfinals. I have no real expectations from her. To be honest, I have no real expectations for any of my dogs...maybe that's bad? I don't know? I just want to run and enjoy the time with my pups. If they do their jobs, and I do mine, and it doesn't work out. Then that's what happens.

For now...I'll just focus on Zen mode :)
Good luck and safe travels to everyone heading to Colorado!!! See you all there!!!!


Diana said...

Sounds like you are ready. Have a great time!!!

Taryn said...

Good Luck!

Chris and Ricky said...

Can't wait to hear all about it! Have a safe trip! And good luck!

Kathy said...

Good luck to both of you. Safe travels. And I am looking forward to seeing you out on the herding field more.

Paula said...

What a fabulous attitude you have. Good luck and have fun!