Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's been a busy busy BUSY week....

Conditioning dogs...training dogs...massaging and stretching dogs, feeding dogs, swimming dogs...it's been a week all about them :)

OK...so maybe I have thrown in some fun for myself as well :)
 I had to take this photo...it is what this week was about...enjoying the simple things in life.

The dogs are getting to swim daily, and are getting little agility stuff everyday. We are also doing a lot of ball work and hiking ;) They needed some "polishing up" so we have done that...collection rewarded, contacts rewarded etc. Speaking of contacts. The B*stard Dog walk drills are REALLY helping Lynn. She is getting the understanding of how to turn and WHEN. That was huge for her. I can pretty much say I can turn her. I'm sure in a trial things might be different. But this system is REALLY working for her :)

And it's fun seeing other people with RDW's trying to find their own challenges :) Facebook is a great thing! 

I love figuring this stuff out :) I don't think dog trainers who are successful have it any easier than others. I just think they enjoy the process of discovery and brainstorming a lot more. They don't get frustrated as easy and they work out what their dog is thinking...they accept their dogs for what they are, and enjoy them. 

This may make people hate me, but that is one of the reasons I am not a huge fan of people who constantly re-home dogs and that is normally enough for me to not be interested in seminars with them. (Please NOTE: I am not saying a re home is bad, but a person that is constantly returning dogs...not cool in my book) I want to work with someone that really works with each of their dogs, regardless of the kind of dog they are. THOSE people are the ones I really respect as trainers :)

Not saying I am even close to the level they all have accomplished, far from it, but I am enjoying the process more and more. It's really about the path, and the dog. 
 Awhile back I made a promise to myself to lose ten pounds before Nationals. I am almost there :) I have changed the way I am eating and it is REALLY working for me!! I have officially ELIMINATED ALL SUGAR FROM MY DIET!!! YES! And all grains!! :) I went through a horrible withdrawal....but now, I am doing so well! I feel great, and I am losing the weight. This is the biggest lifestyle change I have ever made. I am so happy I did this!!! My body is very happy with me! AND...what I thought was emotional eating...isn't really. It was more my sugar addiction kicking in...so that is VERY helpful! :) I won't say it was easy, but it was so worth it!!!

Funny how one simple changes makes a HUGE difference...

Klink isn't on any sugars or grains either :) But mud and sand is fine :)
 So...things are on track again...22" weaves still suck, but the kids are settling into them. There are no trials planned for us until Cyno, so just work on foundations. Keeping things SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE. Helps the bigger picture, always.

Labor Day was a fun time, filled with friends and family. This was the first time ever we have not gone to the MAC USDAA trial, but with plans we decided to just forgoe that trial. It would have been nice to try to get that last Gamble leg Lynn needs for her ADCH, but that's OK :) I am glad we didn't. Lots of laughs, and time on the lake, and fires. I love fires :)
 Trying to fit as much fishing as I possibly can in before winter hits. I love fall, but it is with a sadness that winter will be here soon. Bleh. 
 But for now, I will try to take it all in :)

Ace is doing REALLY WELL...he is on high powered pain killers, and he is doing SOOOOOOO GOOD! He was even doing tunnels the other night and barking! The trade off is, he might have a little less of the end of his life (due to the extra put on his kidneys and liver) but for me, it is QUALITY, not quantity that counts. And seeing him smiling and enjoying life. Well, I have made the right decision for my boy :)

New Rubberized Aframe...thanks to my good friend for his help getting it all done!! :) I owe ya a beer or two....or four :)
 It's probably the most fun time of the year for me....the calm before the storm. Just getting all the preparations ready for Cyno, getting my dogs and myself prepared. Seeing where the holes are, and fixing them :) I love this time...

After the week in Colorado, I head to Arizona for 3 days of teaching, then in Iowa for another 3 days of teaching...a busy schedule for sure!

My students are impressing me even more...many of them are getting into the phase of "I want it not just perfect in a sense of Q'ing, I want it fast, and I want it perfect in the sense of CONNECTION and smoothness :) They are enjoying their NQ's now...seeing the positive in runs. It takes time to get there, it takes a good amount of trialing to get there....and I am SOOOO happy to see them getting there!!!!

I've also been busy feeding my guitar obsession :) I WILL HAVE A LES PAUL...
 It's so nice having something that isn't dog related. I think that is REALLY important.

I'll be working on more blog posts...it will be a bit busy around here, but I'm sure I will have plenty to talk about, not sure if any of you will want to hear it! LOL
For now...simple stuff is the name of the game :)

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Well that is a long post!

Yay to RDWs!
Yay to your insanely strong willpower!
Super yay to Ace!