Sunday, September 16, 2012

Excited?? Ehhhhh??

Everyone is posting about being SUPER EXCITED FOR USDAA NATIONALS...

And I'm not? I never am, maybe I am a freak??

It's a lot of work, farming dogs out to people, packing for the rest, food, toys, an insane number of poop bags, etc etc etc. 

We have to tear the carpeting up as well...the new flooring will be going in the day after we get back from Colorado! YAY NO MORE CARPETING IN THE MAIN LIVING AREAS!! :) Small victories!!!
Yes...I totally took a picture of the's super exciting!!!!!

Spent the weekend getting the barn ready for winter...plowed, salted and watered...footing looks great. I wish I had turf (probably will forever) but I like the's really nice :)
I'm a bit sad we will have to go inside though....bleh on winter!!!!!

Ram goes in with ewes right before we leave...etc etc etc. Fall is a BUSY time...

Dogs are running well, I have tightened Gator up again, Klink is jumping really well, Lynn is also jumping well, and is doing GREAT with DW training :) I feel ready on that end.
Lynn says---GIMMEE YOUR BEST LADY! a trial, uhh...yeah, I ain't makin' any promises!!! ;-)

Ball work, hiking daily, swims when it's warm enough...they are running on dry grass right now, so slippery stuff isn't an issue...

So why am I not excited? Don't know :) Not nervous, not worried, not dreading, I just am not excited. Hmmmm?

Maybe it's the knowledge of another year of stinky bathrooms from all the stress? Shudder...It will be nice to see everyone watching the great runs!!!

I'm a firm believer that these kinds of events are preparation and a little bit of luck :) So we shall see if I have some luck this year :)

 Maybe my "Lucky" fishing lure will help??

Sure helped with fishing!!!! is my zen. I love it!!!!! Yay largemouth bass! (I did release him...just FYI)

Oh the health front, I am down 13.5 pounds :) Hoping to be down 15 total by Nationals :) Feeling SOOOO much better. It's so nice :) No longer a slave to cravings...for the first time in my LIFE. And apparently I am not as much of an emotional eater as I thought?? I was just addicted to sugar...always trying for another hit o suga...

Have a great company delivering healthy foods to us at the hotel so I can stay on this lifestyle and not drift away while I am gone.

What I AM excited about is teaching the two following weekends :) I love teaching...Arizona and Iowa...very excited to work with everyone!!!!!

I'll have fun at Nationals, I know that, it's just getting there :-)

And Zip...she felt left out :)
 So...we leave a week from tomorrow...I feel prepared, dogs are fit, I am thinner and we shall do our best :)


Hillcrest Border Collies said...

What color Pergo did you get? We have Pergo in 1/2 of the house and tile and Allure in the rest. NO CARPET here!!! It was so gross when we pulled our carpet up. Carpets do not go with ranch and dog living. There was so much silt underneath.

Catalina said...

ha ha! I like the fish picture! My solution to big events with stinky bathrooms - Bath and Body Works air freshener spritzer thingys. They're little, but powerful and easy to carry around.

livin life said...

You look faaabbbuuulous! And your little dogs too! Good luck...and as my friends always say...have FUN! with a capital F.

Steffi said...

Lynn's DW look amazing! I'm looking forward to watching all the Full Tilt gang at Nationals :) By the way - what company did you find to deliver healthy food to the hotel?