Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What A Fun Experience :-)

WOW...that's all I can say about the past 4 days :-)

I just spent 4 days down in Chicago teaching at the Contact Sports Agility Camp. I was asked last Wednesday to replace one of the instructors due to a health issue in the family :-(

At first I was uncomfortable about the circumstances, but after getting a very nice email from Mary Ellen, I felt much better. It's tough being excited about an opportunity when someone is going through something tough. But after reading the email, things were good. I continue to think of them and sending prayers of strength to her and her family.

To say it was a blast was a huge understatement :-) Diane Sanders puts on amazing trials and following suit, amazing agility camps. Great facilities, great people, great food, great equipment and takes awesome care of everyone :-)

Teaching is very mentally taxing, yet very rewarding all in the same minute. I enjoyed the 4 days of helping others. Lots of amazing dogs and awesome, positive people!! Made it just a wonderful time. Jen, Rachel and Karen are all very fun to work alongside. Took the rookie in and were very very awesome :-) GREAT GREAT PEOPLE :-)

The students were so motivated, eager and ready to go outside of their comfort zones. Everyone gave me 300%! It was so much fun to be able to help so many people :-) I was a bit worried how everyone would feel about me being a replacement for MEB, but everyone really embraced it.  Whew!! ;-)

There was a great mix of breeds there as well! I LOVE THAT!!! Border collies are awesome! Don't
get me wrong! But seeing a cool Irish Setter, or a Mal, etc etc etc...just really is so much fun :-)

I'm so grateful for this opportunity....grateful that I can share my passion with others, make it my life. For that I feel very very lucky :-)

So now...we just relax for a few days. Gator and Lynn are with me, getting lots of training. Klink is home with the husband getting her laser treatments. Going into a regional with Klink not having much training is going to be VERY INTERESTING!!!!! Lynn gets to be a demo dog for a running contact seminar Wednesday night given by Rachel Sanders and Jen Pinder--hoping to pick up lots of info as well!.....then the regional this weekend. Fingers crossed for some Byes!!!!!

Then hopefully things will settle down for a bit before USDAA Nationals...

Yeah right :-) 


D said...

We miss you!! Glad you had fun, and I bet everyone learned lots! How awesome to have a variety of breeds to teach (something you are very used to), it makes it more challenging and interesting! Good luck at regionals!

Cindy Platt said...

I for one LOVED your part of the camp. You were so positive and explained things in a way I could understand. It is easy to feel intimidated among all of those good dogs and handlers, but you helped us feel confident! Thank-you! I thought you were just a "PEACH" of an instructor! To me, agility is all about the relationship you have with your dog and having fun...THAT message came out loud and clear in your teaching! Cindy and Nelson the PWC and his big sista, Genie Lou the bullmastiff.

Kathy said...

Wow, I would have been so happy to see you walking into my agility camp if I had been there, sounds like it was great and I keep seeing comments from people that were there that had such an awesome time!