Sunday, April 8, 2012


I seriously have been training my dogs :)

I thought I would give a quick update on Lynn...she is doing really well :) Very happy with her progress and excited to trial her the end of this month!!!

I think we finally have the swimming the weaves figured out :) LOTS of different places for weaves...and she is generalizing that swimming is always a good thing :) She is getting into it too...starting to squeal a bit! I LOVE IT! 

The test will be the trial...why we trial :)

She runs very smooth, very workman like, reminds me of Gator :) Just does her job...gotta love that! I wouldn't trade this girl for nothing!!
Klink and Gator are also getting drilled as is Crackers--getting him prepared for World Team coming up :)

But they are just the grown up dogs ;-) They get all the spotlight anyway :) Gotta give the baby dog some time on the blog :)

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