Friday, March 9, 2012

YAY!!!! :)

Mia's education continues :) 

Here is a quick video of her working on toy drive. It's crappy and there's no music...but maybe you guys enjoy my voice saying YES all the time...if not, sorry! Might not wanna watch! LMAO!

I have upped the ante on her interaction with the toy..she must BITE it to get the cookie :) And I am also working on her tracking the toy (aka following with her eyes) moving the toy a bit so she has to follow it some. Nothing that would be that difficult, but just using some motion to mimic prey. As you can see, her excitement is higher! She is enjoying biting at the toy. I am not asking for anything else at this point :) This was two separate sessions combined. So short, sweet, and high energy keeps her wanting to bite. 
Things to work on...she keeps dropping food in her excitement :) So that makes her sniff the ground some..will work on that. Someone will probably ask me why I am just using a marker word rather than a clicker...because I am lazy and didn't want to go find the clicker. Marker words work just as well in my opinion as long as negative emotions don't come into play through your voice. I will introduce her to the clicker at some point though :) When I find one....LOL

She is going into her kennel now with NO issues...but likes to dart right back I have started rewarding her in the back of the kennel to work on her staying in. She has improved on that drastically :) 

Focus during the training sessions...before she was doing some, going off to check out Vittles etc...then coming doesn't leave me at all :) Focused...loving it!

She's much drive and she doesn't quite know what to do with it yet....reminds me of puppy Klinker :)

No...she is not staying here permanently ;-)


Chris and Ricky said...

Awesome Loretta!

Karissa said...

Well, at least now I know that her name is "M-eye-a" and not "M-eee-a." lol Such raw enthusiasm! :o)