Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mia--Update :)

I thought I would give you a Mia update :) She's just been here since Sunday...and she is doing really well :)

Goals this week...GET HER TO SHAPE--check! She LOVES shaping! Which is very fun as she hasn't shaped any behaviors before...she really enjoys how successful this is :) I love seeing her confidence increase :)

I want her going into her crate on her own. She would circle around me all the time, trying to avoid her crate, so I am working on her just going into and out...I am saying OK when she exits to try to build a release word in as well. I will start rewarding her in the back of the kennel so I can start closing and opening the door and she learns to stay in the kennel when the door opens :) She likes to bolt...but she is really getting it :)

The BIGGIE was I started working with toys...I am just starting with her touching the toy :) And will work my way up to her playing...but baby steps. She has no need for toys at this point. I know that will change :) I am committed!!
She is a fun little dog...very sweet, very willing and really a great shaping dog. She is able to run off leash with the rest of the pack, played with a students huge Berner puppy yesterday, and doesn't care about the cat or the rabbit :)

Can't wait to work with her tomorrow! I'm sure she's gonna surprise me again!!!!! :-))


Melissa and Treo said...

Awesome job!! And. So. Much. Fun!!

Catalina said...

Awww I love her cute tail wagging through the whole session! What a smart girl! This will be really neat to watch how you train her :)

Chris and Ricky said...

Mia is doing fantastic! Looks like she is thrilled that someone is working with her - she finally has a job! :)

Loretta Mueller said...

She is a smart little girl :) And yes...she is happy to figure out how I can give her cookies :) LOL She loves food!!!!

Natalie about border collie said...

Great job! It's indeed true that when you love your job, you don't have to work for it even just a day. It's just like playing life the fun way.