Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It is SIXTY FOUR DEGREES OUTSIDE!!! SPRING!??!? MAYBE???? It's March!! If this was Missouri I'd be a betting woman!

However...it's not. Mother Nature is a bit more bi-polar in these parts of the US...must be the Seasonal Affective Disorder :)

Mia and I decided to have a photo shoot cause she's so perty :)
 AND...she showed me that she can also wrestle with me! WHICH IS FREAKING AWESOME!
 I like being able to wrestle with my dogs a bit...I think it engages them...and it can help a dog come out of their shell. IF they are the type to bite...I do NOT correct them. I put on something heavier and if they bite, they bite. As Silvia Trkman says...Have something to control, BEFORE you try to control it. So I will let them get a bit too much before I try to simmer them down. 

Might sound insane to some of you...but it works :) All my drive training is DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE..THEN ask for control.  So yes...if Mia wants to grab a toy out of my hand...I let her! I want her to be confident and in drive before I ask for things to be more structured :)

So we got to wrestling.....and during our wrestling I involved a tug toy...and TA DA! She grabbed that toy and tugged for about 30 seconds!!! I let her win and we went back to wrestling...GOOD GIRL!

And then we just relaxed in the sun...well I did :)
 Mia apparently had other ideas :) Rolling around in the grass is her favorite activity :)
 Whatcha looking at?

AND...she did take some time to play with her favorite toy...this pink thing :)

 But then the rolling started again....
 Is it wrong to admit I was jealous??
 Is it wrong to admit I kinda did roll around on the ground too?
 And that it felt AMAZING!!!!
 Don't tell anyone Mia...OK?

Meanwhile...back at the ranch...my ewes are taunting me...they are huge...and I want to see lambs!!!!!!!
They just lay there...mocking me...

Freakin' sheep...

On an agility related side...the dogs are getting back into shape...and we have a trial the end of April..it will be good to be back at it again :) 

AND...I have had 3 contacts on seminars! I am looking forward to the possibility of traveling around the US helping people learn how to communicate with their dogs better! FUN FUN FUN!!!


Jaenne' said...

You didn't happen to hear from someone in Idaho about doing a seminar did you?

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Pretty red dog!!

Congrats on the seminars!!!

Catalina said...

I love those pictures of Mia! The first one is so cute - she's smiling :)
I hope at least one of those seminars is here in MN or Tibby and I will have to follow you around the country!!! :P

charlene and Storm said...

what a little stunner you have xxx glad you like to wrestle with your dog, i thought it was only crazy people like me that do that, he he xxx

Loretta Mueller said...

Laura--thanks! She is a really fun girl :) The seminars are going to be a blast!! :) Excited!

C--maybe someday! Right now these are farther away than you would want to travel I am sure! BUT...I am thinking of having some mini-seminars this year!

Charlene--NOPE! you are not alone! It's a great time for dogs and people!

Catalina said...

Yay for mini-seminars!