Monday, January 23, 2012

On The Run...

Or rather not running ;)

We loaded up the crew and went to a USDAA trial this weekend...Friday night Grand Prix, and then entered for Saturday and Sunday the full slate of classes.

Friday night Gator and Klink went 1 & 2 for Grand Prix, getting gator his 2nd Bye needed and Klink finished up with her Grand Prix legs needed for Nationals. I messed up Lynn's run...she's getting faster...I need to work on myself remembering that ;-)

Klink and Gator ran their normal stellar selves. It's fun having dogs that know what I'm thinking...the problem IS, when I am not thinking well :) Saturday I was slow for the first part of the day, a bit behind and for the first time in a LONG time, got lost during a Standard course..really? LOL

I laughed a lot on that...but then refocused and was fine the rest of the day...though a bit concerned I felt "behind the ball" so to speak...
Then I woke up Sunday am and I had my answer, I have the flu, fever, chills etc etc. I made it through Jumpers and Snooker...but after that I was toast so we went home early. Me being sick, plus the winter weather coming sealed the deal on that. :-( Oh well. Now I'm just chilling in bed.
Overall the weekend was great though for my dogs...the husband and Crackers had some issues with start line stays, and some other little stuff, so have some things to work on (That's why we trial!). But the dogs came through with flying colors :)

Lynn continued to build confidence and speed :) I worried with all the dog walks with NOTHING ahead of them, she would have some misses, but NOPE!! She didn't! ROCK ON BABY STEWART! Jumping was SOOO much better, she is barking more and more, but as long as she keeps thinking, I don't care since my other dogs bark :)

We no longer tug before runs...we eat cookies, and do tricks. FOCUS LITTLE LYNN..FOCUS :) It seems to keep her in that magical place where the drive is there, but not completely fried :) She likes FRIED. But fried means bad things. As she matures we will run fried like the adult dogs do...but for now, lets focus :)

I had a few moments of not being ready for her speed...she is an interesting mix of Gator and I am still figuring her out. But, she did really knock my socks off in her Standard run, 2nd place and beating her brother Gator :)

She also got her 1st Master jumpers leg, good girl. And had another really nice jumpers run on Sunday...but dropped on bar :-( She is just one Standard leg away from her MAD :) FUN!
I am having SOOOO much fun running her! Love the changes, the adrenaline rush with the contacts, and not knowing EXACTLY what she will do. I take that for granted with the older dogs, they just DO IT. With Lynn, she's still in that mode where she PROBABLY will ;)

Handling wise, I just have to work on RUNNING MORE...and getting the differences solid in my mind for her versus Klink, versus Gator :) Three dogs, three different ways of handling...A FUN CHALLENGE!!

The trial was well ran, great surface and great facilities. It was fun enjoying friends and all the positive energy there. Unfortunately, there was some negative crap that happened this weekend, comments made. Or whatever. I'm gonna get it out here so I feel better and can let it go.

#1---when I do four 5's in Snooker, it does NOT mean I was going for a Super Q. If I get the Super Q, then great! If you get it then GREAT. Klink won Snooker on Saturday with a 3,4, 6 and 7. Gator got 3rd with that same combo. YA JUST HAVE TO DO ONE MORE POINT. Super Q's are not an entitlement. Don't come up to me and say I took your Super Q. No one ever gave me a Super Q, I earned them, I became better at Snooker. Win-win if you ask me. And if I want to try for a Super Q (which I do cause it's FUN!!) then I will, regardless of what you say. I mess up plenty in does the husband...we never get a pat on the back for "messing up so I got my Super Q"... ;-)

#2---I built a barn, yes. Don't try to hold that over my head or make me feel bad about it. Seriously folks, I spent YEARS getting the barn built and I have a barn payment. I salt and water the arena for HOURS every month, I teach out of that barn and YES, I train my dogs there. That would be ridiculous if I didn't. I live in bum f*cked Egypt, and drive a 2001 Corolla, the life...I have a barn. And I worked for that barn and will be working for it for many more years. I made decisions and put certain things as a priority for ME. Don't try to say I have more opportunities than you.

I sacrificed a lot of other things to have what we have for the dogs. Spend hours feeding sheep, pulling lambs, putting hay in the barn, trimming hooves, I don't have a 300,000 dollar house, I don't have designer clothing. But I have what I want. A house, land, sheep and a barn. Those are my priorities...and I worked hard for them. I don't doubt what you have in your life you worked hard to get.

If you wonder why I don't always talk to a ton of people at shows...this would be why...

I'd love to hear some of the hilariously funny crap you have had said to you!!! I thought I didn't have a filter, but MAN, apparently I do!!! A pretty decent one! ;-)

OK done...amazing how one bad apple...ANYWAY. Luckily, there was more than enough positive energy to overwhelm the negative :) Which was AWESOME!!! The courses were challenging, the handling was great, lots of happy dogs and smiling folks!

Oh...and Even would like everyone to know, she didn't crap in her kennel this time :) I'd say that makes for an AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Ummm, let's see...I've been told in no uncertain terms that I "...NEED TO GET THAT DOG OUT OF THE RING!!!" at a trial where we were having bar-knocking issues. At another trial, someone smirked and said, "now you know how it feels" after we didn't Q. The best one was when I was told that I "stand out because nobody wears their hair that way." Seriously?

Stuff like this makes me wonder if I'm back in junior high instead of at an agility trial.

Diana said...

Sorry for the stupid, mean people at trials. I hope you get over the flu soon. I cant say the mean things that have happen to me because then I start obcessing about it all over again. And then Im mad all over again. LOL

Karissa said...

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? People are THAT catty to you about such things? Both are things you've worked hard for, and you should not have them because other people can't or don't?

I don't have a barn, but I've heard plenty about my yard. From the NADAC crowd I get a lot of, "I could probably do that if I had a big yard and all of the equipment to practice like you." Or when I try to cheer someone up who can't get a Chances Q to save their life they'll snap back asking me how would I know how they feel because I have dogs that are good at distance.

Ummm, yeah. I have a big yard because when I was house shopping I didn't give a rip about the house, I wanted a big flat space of land. And my dogs are good at distance because I TRAIN IT. Imagine that.

I feel bad for everyone who is stuck in the super craptastic local classes that are offered in my area -- they are the same classes I was stuck taking, which is why I got the hell out of dodge and found another way to train. It was my choice. Everyone has choices.

Ultimately, people say these things because they are jealous. It's not your problem, it's theirs.

Catalina said...

Yup Jealousy is ugly. Sorry people were mean to you >:( Take me along next time and I'll beat them up! grrrr! :) Hope you feel better soon! I loved watching your videos - so beautiful and smooth. Ahhhh something to aspire too!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

People can be so ridiculous. Sorry you had to put up with crap like that and get sick on top of it! But congrats on how well all the dogs did! They are fantastic! Hope you feel a lot better today!

Breanna said...

I wonder what they'd say about us Montana folk and all of our local "Barns" we get to practice at, LOL!

You've earned what you have and don't let anyone knock you down.

Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader said...

Maybe if you didn't go on about your yacht and butler all the time... KIDDING!!! Iz super jealous you have a barn but I wouldn't ever begrudge you for it. That's mean. Especially when you use it to teach and open it up to others to train. Thbbbt.

I used to take a lot of crap with my Sheltie and SQs. He was a good Snookers dog and I liked the challenge of all 7s. I know it was hard for others at times but I wouldn't have changed one run. It was such a good time. Isn't it supposed to be fun after all? Aren't we supposed to be chasing those good memories not just titles?

Anyways, tell Lynn I still like her tail.

D said...

Super Q's sure bring out the ugly in people. It's kind of sad.

It's that phrase people like to throw out "Must be NiCE" (to own a barn, have your own home, take a vacation).. in that sarcastic tone. YES.. it is nice.. but I actually had to pay for it. People need to grow up.

The dogs looked great as always (Must be NICE) LOL!!!

Taryn said...

I guess there are snide, jealous people in all parts of the country....Don't waste any energy on them!

My agility skills are not much of a threat to anyone, so I doubt anyone even notices my runs, let alone comments on them! But based on what can be overheard, there are plenty of snarky comments flying around in my area too!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Feel better soon!

Thanks for the bonus DW clips in Lynn's video :)

I like living in my naive little novice level world where everyone is nice and I can tune out anything else.

Loretta Mueller said...

Thank you EVERYONE...and you are all right...I need to LET IT GO :) And I have now. We all just need to be nice to one another! LOL Thanks so much all of you!

shawn said...

It's called Rampant Barn Envy. Most people (me included) have mild forms of equipment envy, RV envy, etc., but what you're talking about is just way over the line. Ignore them!

Anonymous said...

So, a few years back there was a peer pressure based trend of "helping" people get their Super Q's. What I learned from that time is there's no helping some people.

Mia (since apparently blogger doesn't want to talk to LJ today)

Prickett Puppies said...

Sweet runs! Oh and you've been tagged! :)