Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tell Me Thursday...

Tell Me Thursday!!!! :)

What are your plans for the holiday season:

We are loading up the swagger wagon and heading back to Missouri! WOO HOO!!! I'm going to try to give myself a heart attack or mental breakdown. Yes all 7 dogs are going...Yes we will be taking them into someone else's house...NO I don't have medication for all of us. I don't wanna
talk about it.

Do You Decorate? If so what have you done so far?

HA! Ummmm, yes...I do decorate...LOTS...inside anyway...outside no...I hate the cold, I hate heights...that would require both...nope!

3.a. Favorite recent dog photo?

b. Photo that shows your mood today?
This could be the photo for most of the winter actually :-)

4. There's been a discussion on the BC Boards about "don't train for the novice classes...just train for open and the rest will fall into place." What are your thoughts on this?

I don't read the BC Boards hardly ever...too much political, yadda, yadda yadda going on...annoys me. But...yes, I train my dogs for the highest levels...however if the dog can't compete at the highest level, just be happy with what they can do :)

5. What are your top five cannot-do-without-them dog items?

Crates---I have a TON of them...much more than 2 per's ridiculous...
Back On Track Beds---LOVE THEM! They keep the dogs from getting stiff and are super comfy to sleep on! I know! I totally have!!!!
Boomerang Collar Tags--LOVE THEM...and NO JINGLING!!!!! I hate jingling!
Flat back water bowls for crates and zip ties to keep them from making noise (noise is an issue for me! Can ya tell!?!?)

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Catalina said...

Awww little bitty Crackers is so cute!