Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #8 plus trial stuff! :)

1. What is the biggest thing that grossed you out over the past week?

HA! Simple...was cutting up some apples, cut myself, saw my own blood, almost hurled all over the floor...then thought to myself, if I hurl, I have 7 dogs that are so f*cking gross they would eat it...and I almost hurled again. But I held it in...wrapped my finger in 78 layers of paper towel and left it like that for a few hours...yeah I know. I could cut a cow in half with a chainsaw...human blood? No...MY BLOOD? Double No.

2. What do you feed your dogs? are supposed to feed them? Like EVERYDAY??? CRAP!!!!! I feed Nature's Variety Instinct Kibble (no grain) dogs don't do well on grain dogfoods. Crackers is on raw because it helps with his bad allergies. Most dogs are on lamb/beef, Gator is on Salmon and Crackers is on Rabbit. I feed what proteins work best for the dog. I used to feed raw, but with us traveling so much...just a pain.

3. If you could move anywhere, where would you live?

I LOVE Ireland...but I'm not sure...does the answer NOT MINNESOTA count? :-) Actually...MN in the summer can't be beat :) The winters suck...but summer ROCKS!

4. What is the funniest thought that occurred to you (or thing that happened to you) this week?

I got my ass kicked by an agility tunnel bag...I don't wanna talk about it OK? Thanks for bringing it up...REALLY. THANKS. Ass :)

5. If you couldn't have your breed of choice what would be next on your list?

I could swing two ways (cause I'm kinky like that) side--A Malinois--Love their drive, their intensity...LOVE them! Or...the lazy some kind of low energy lazy dog...thinking a low drive expectations :) Just depends on my mood.

I'm enjoying this Tell me Thursday Stuff! Thanks LAURA!! FUN!!!! to trial stuff :) We loaded up the crew and went to the MAC USDAA trial. I'll admit it...I wasn't exactly excited about going...just kinda in that mood. But we went...I eventually got into it :) Had a bit of one bar issue with Gator and Klink and even with Crackers (VERY ODD)...and gladly having video I noticed they were slipping...a LOT :( So what do you do...just move forward and go on.

But other than that, the dogs ran really well, Gator picked up a Steeplechase and Grand Prix Q and his team ended up 3rd place in the DAM tournament :) So halfway to Q'd for Nationals :) YAY! Here are some highlights.

Crackers had another good weekend, but he did have a few bars, again...slippage :( Oh well. The huge brag was that he finished his ADCH-Bronze on Sunday :) Whatta good pupper! I am so proud of the husband and Crackers...makes me tear up at times watching them!!! So excited to see what they will do at USDAA Nationals this year :)

Lynn--this girl is growing up :) It was so much fun running her this weekend...if little things here and there, BUT...she picked up her first Standard leg, first Gamblers leg and ALL her runs were just lovely...which is a new thing :) I am in a new phase of the DW crapola...not worrying about the DW, and worrying about HANDLING...a good place to be, too bad it required me to lose a gorgeous standard Q to a refusal to show me. Oh and learn :) She's getting faster, times were up there where I can compare, she's running solid times and she's still not giving me 100% of what she does at home...but it's happening. More GREAT teeters :)

I didn't put her in team, wanted to focus on getting older dogs Q'd up...but now, I'll probably be working on getting her on a team to get her DAM Q :)

Each trial is better and better. Very happy with Stewart!

Klinker was a good girl as well for the most part. She did have a few moments of "wow I haven't been trained in a LONG time"...oops :) But overall she was a good girl. She won jumpers both days, which always makes me smile as she was such a bar knocking crazy dog when she started :) Her team finished 2nd with the husband and Crackers :) It's fun teaming with the husband. A person might think that would be tough...but honestly, it's a lot of fun :)

So all in all, a good weekend, Sunday I felt more connected to the dogs, and now I am wanting to get back into training them :)

My barn is officially to still figure out the footing...never ending...

It's feeling more and more like fall so I need to get on that. Not ready for summer to be over. Not one bit. But there will be another summer :) Right?? :)


Melissa LaMere-Dragovich said...

I have a malinois (or four) you can have...

Make your dreams come true! Live on the wild side! Go BIG!!

Just sayin'.....



Jaenne said...

You can't say that you got your ass kicked by a tunnel bag and not tell us what happened!

Jaenne said...

And some of your hand drawn pictures must accompany the story! :-)

Laura Carson said...

Yeah, we need ass kicking tunnel bag story. :)

And you're welcome - glad you all are enjoying it!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Thanks for letting us newbies take over your tent!

Lynn's dogwalks all looked fabulous! Crackers is super fun to watch too!

Loretta Mueller said...

I will work on that today...hand drawn pictures to tell the story of my ass it :)