Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda!

Day 156: Pretty idea what it is...azalea?? But it's really pretty :) My favorite flower of all time, and yes, I have no idea what it is called. Those that know me well wouldn't think twice about this fact. Just who I am I guess :)

Day 157: Jumping, it's not just for beans...
Lynn and I attended (ok well I attended...Lynn didn't sign us up or anything) a Stacy Goudy jumping seminar on Tuesday...I wanted to just see what kinds of things she did to work on jumping. Her dogs really are great jumpers and I thought it would be good :) Lynn has gone through a jumping program...but anything new is a good thing right?

I liked Stacy's approach of how to work on jumping...she uses grids, both collection and extension grids...does mark bars that come down (not like beating the dog or anything...just stops the action--not in grids though..just in sequencing) and works on collection and handling all on one jump first...then adds more and more speed. It all made sense without being all technical...more like guidelines than rules. Which is SOOO much more my style. Probably why I like the running contacts stuff...all guidelines that can change depending on what is currently happening. lots of good stuff to work with all the dogs to improve jumping, collection etc. Due to me not training the older dogs (aka Gator and Klinker) I noticed this past weekend that was something that was lacking a bit. Part of it was the surface as it was slick, but also they just weren't trying. So going to be working more of that with everyone. Lynn has been getting more training so her collection was good this weekend. Need to get that back in the older pups.

Thanks to my friend Jacque for taking this video of Lynn...there are tons more, but I liked this one as you can see her really figuring things out and trying :) It's neat to see them trying stuff and solving problems :)

You will probably find this boring...but I didn't so I thought I would share :) LOL
Very pleased with Lynn :) I really enjoyed the seminar...Stacy is a good presenter. She wants to give the dogs as much education in jumping to make them responsible for keeping the jump up. And she doesn't focus on each dog doing it EXACTLY the due to structure and temperament, dogs will differ in their executions. But rather helping the dog figure out the most comfortable way for then as an individual to meet criteria. I like that approach so much better.

And not completely related or unrelated...a short video of Donna and Spot :) It's neat seeing them becoming a team. This is at the end of a long lesson, so he's a bit tired, but still doing a great job :) Donna is trying really hard to get used to handling a dog with more speed and she is really starting to get there with Spot :) He's a fun boy and a great match for her :)
Going to go lay back in bed now...had too many margaritas last night...feeling like crapola and I am now remembering why you don't drink too much alcohol...bad Loretta, bad, bad Loretta!


K-Koira said...

I actually found the video really interesting. Of course, in my mind I was trying to apply the same ideas to flyball, where hitting the jumps doesn't lose points, but does carry injury risk, since our jumps are solid wood.

It was interesting how she decided to just go under the jump once in an attempt to figure out how to do it.

An English Shepherd said...

very pretty flowers.

nice video :-)

Loretta Mueller said...

K-Koira---yes, Lynn was just working through how to get through the grid :) very interesting to watch that and how, without being corrected or told she was wrong, she worked through it :)

An English Shepherd---thanks! :)

Karissa said...

I'm sure it goes back to my horse roots (I'm obsessive about movement, striding & gait...), but I found the video absolutely fascinating! Thanks for sharing it. Very interesting to watch Lynn think it through.