Monday, June 6, 2011


The weekend is over :) I'm actually glad to be able to say that!

MAC 4-star

First day of the first run...I pull my hamstring :) LMAO! Yeah...that was fun! So wrapping, ice, ibuprofen, icy/hot cream stuff...and I was running...slower than normal, but running...

The first day I noticed Klink wasn't collecting...thinking she was being a bit of a butthead, turns out not so much :-((

All my pictures were taken with my please excuse the quality :)

Day 146: And it begins...
The weekend of really odd stuff happening :-(( Klink came up sore in her right shoulder and her left Iliopsoas muscle...sigh. Ice, and massage, and stretching to try to keep her going well for the weekend. Ultimately she tried REALLY hard, but collection wasn't happening much and I had to pull her from several runs. The GOOD news is...she actually wasn't getting I just stopped asking for much collection--which made for a weekend of reactive handling which I HATE!!! and several bars down--but she worked her butt off...what a trooper. Still managed to get the DAM Team Q.

Day 147: Estaban
The dogs did well despite me not being able to run super fast...Gator was really doing well, handling great, placing etc etc...on Sunday he came up 3 legged lame after running Snooker...we thought he had slipped or something and strained a muscle in his hindquarters...which he did...BUT...luckily it was because he tore BOTH his back pads on his feet :-(( What the heck? No idea how that happened, in fact Gator has never done he was out for the rest of the weekend's classes. I entered International jumpers and REALLY wanted to run it, I was very sad that both my dogs entered had to be pulled :(

And I just realized I used the same song for Klink and Gator...I'm too lazy to redo enjoy a double dose of P!nk :)

It was also unseasonably warm...which I personally LOVED, the dogs however...were not acclimated to it apparently. They ran fine, but lived in the swimming pools and crashed each evening after the trial.

Day 148: Sleepy time :)
Day 149: Happy Birthday!!! :)
Saturday was the husbands birthday, so several of us went out to dinner that evening and celebrated :) Margarita's are yummy...yes that is totally random. Whatever :)

Day 150: My feets hurt :-(((
Now onto Lynn...she honestly blew my socks :) ALL DW's hit...THREE WITH TURNS!!!! All AF's hit...all teeters with TWO that are just like the sliding teeters we have at home :) Not the weird ones she is doing at trials, LOTS of single stepping in weaves...LOTS of great things!!

Day 151: It's hard being so amazing...
She's getting faster, and faster and faster :-))) Love love LOVE!
Gamblers--NQ, missed WP entry in gamble...otherwise lovely!
Standard--I pushed her into a jump wing...I am brilliant...otherwise lovely!
Jumpers--one bar down, I told her SWITCH over a bar, she doesn't KNOW that command...should have been "RIGHT"...otherwise lovely!
Snooker--3rd place and Super Q!!!!!
Pairs--Q with Hotshot :) First Pairs Q!!! She ran her half completely clean
Gamblers--LOVELY, I fell, yeah...awesome :) I spent too much time setting her up for the gamble and she was .13 seconds over...beating heat against the wall--otherwise lovely!
Standard--LOVELY!!! One bar :)
Pairs-Lynn ran her half perfect...partner E'd but that's OK :)
Snooker--2nd place and her THIRD SUPER Q!!! :-))
Jumpers---yeah..ALL ME.

SO...I am the weakest link :) Yep...once again my dogs prove to me that I am the special one on the team :) Going to work on that :) But here are some vids of her happy with how she is coming along :)

Her times were very competitive...which I am happy to see :) She is putting in Standard times that whoop the crud out of Mr. Gator :) Now...just have to get consistent :) It's so much fun to run her though...even with NQ's we are having a blast. That's what it's all about :)

And yes, I'm bragging on her...those of you that have read the blog KNOW how many ups and downs we've proves that if you just let a dog be who they are, not try to make them into something they are not...things turn out. So yes...I am going to brag on my girl :) I think she deserves it :)

Crackers had a good weekend as well...minus being bitten in the face by a dog at the trial (not a big deal just bad luck)...he didn't want to run Snooker after that so Andy took him off the course...but he was better by Internationals Jumpers and won that :) His team runs were good...he got first in several of those and also won Grand Prix and Steeplechase Round 1 and he got several points for World Team. The computer is messing up so I can't upload a video right now...grrrrrr

Day 152: Sweepy Crackhead :)
The swelling is starting to go down on his face...he is looking very "Owen Wilson" ish right now :) But he was playing with Even this he will be just fine :) The person who's dog did it was very sorry and all is just fine...

Then there's Acer pup...he has something going on with his eye...going to the vet today for that...So...Even and Lynn are healthy!!! :) LMAO! I think maybe we weren't supposed to go to the 4-star?? Geesh!

The courses were no cakewalk...not. one. bit. And lots of tight, tight not surprised Klink did something...just how it is on those types of courses :( Gator adjusted and Lynn did as well so that was good. Crackers...well, at 11" tall, nothing is really "tight" :-) Add in the rain and then dry, slick grass (lots of dogs slipping the first two days) and things got tougher. But we got lots of good things out of the weekend, so that's what counts.

And I like Snooker again :) Now that I am forced to get Super Q' makes the game so much more exciting...I forgot that feeling of going ALL OUT with nothing to hold you back :) FUN FUN FUN!

I am still riding on cloud 9 with Lynn this weekend...Gator is always my steady boy, love that, Klink has so much try in her it's ridiculous and Crackers is just so adorable you can't help but smile at him :) It was good to get to run with my dogs this weekend (sort of running) and seeing friends...tackling challenges etc.

Some pictures from this friend Ami Sheffield who has the Snap Happy Blog took these photos of Crackers and Lynn...I LOVE THEM!!!! :-))) THANKS AMI!!!

I don't have running DW pictures of either of them from someone that knows what they are doing! :-)) So happy to have these!!!!!

Which reminds me...running DW's...I need to lose another 20 pounds...ok at this point another 19 pounds actually...that will help me run faster as well :) Once my hamstring is ready to go I am gonna get the rest off!! :) 40 pounds down...woo hooo!!!!!!!!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry you and the dogs are so banged up from the weekend! Hope you all feel better soon! But you did awesome agility any way! The courses looked crazy - going to the back side of almost every jump it seemed. I don't think I would be able to handle master's USDAA.

Excuse the question because I know I could look it up somewhere but what is a super Q?

Loretta Mueller said...

Yep the courses were challenging for sure! But we did have the skills, just need to work them more, which was good :) That's why we trial! A Super Q is the top 15% of each class score wise. You need 3 for your ADCH...and in this area it is VERY, like every other dog I have ran, worry they won't get them. Apparently Lynn likes Snooker ;) LOL

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks! The top 15% sounds really tough but not for Lynn!!!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I love watching Lynn run! Such fabulous confident dogwalks! Have fun handling those ;)

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks Laura :) really motivates me to keep losing weight and get myself RUNNING FASTER...

But now that I can turn her a bit...things are a little less hectic :) I'm getting better at the handling part...slowly... :)