Monday, June 27, 2011

Trials, Answers And All That Other Junk Called Life :)

OK...first off--Q & A time :)

From Karissa :) Waving HI!

Question: I want to know why wearing wristbands and a headband doesn't make ME look skinny. I got the ears down, so gosh darn it, what is Lynn's secret? ;o)

She's just that amazing...I swear the dog just has a high metabolism or something ;-)

Question: I agree with Sue -- I want more free training advice about the jump grids. Specifics, please! Spacing in particular...

Well spacing is dependent on the want them to have to bounce jump in front end lands, back end lands where the front end was, loading all weight into the hindquarters and taking off on their butts :) Crackers is like 3+ feet...BC's are about 4-6 depending on the dog...does that make sense? I also do extension grids...15-18-21 feet apart...I don't super measure though....just a rough idea with pacing...I'm lazy and not that analytical :) Now...give me money :)

Question: Oh, and when are you going to have more puppies. Just THINK of all the blog posts that would generate for you! But take your time, I'm not ready for a puppy just yet. But if you're starting a list for a couple of years from now, put down my name. :o)

I don't need ANYMORE DOGS for a good, long time. Plans are not even put into place if I will breed one of the girls, which one, when, blah blah blah. They have to do well in agility, herding, and pass all health tests etc etc. I wouldn't breed just to breed a litter. So not sure :) I'll keep ya in mind though if I do! LOL

sclmarm asked:

Question: Why did Andy get a Crackhead when BC's seem to be the dog to have at your house?'s how it started. Andy wanted a cat...he likes kitties (not sure WHY) and I thought...maybe I could get him a little dog and that could be his "kitty"? All the border collie herding folk have a "truck dog" I thought, get Andy a little dog, a truck dog to ride around with him all day, be his little friend. My good friend Bonnie had a litter that was in the works...and I liked the sire and dam. So we went over to check the puppies out and that was the beginning of the end :) LOL I thought the only small dog I could handle (aka I don't like the kind that vibrate all the time or are all wussy and needy, or that I could sit on and kill)...would be a JRT. So he started out as a, yeah :) LMAO!

And a monster was created :)

Day 169: Super Stewie is AMAZINGGGGGG :)
Seriously...she is like running's just really REALLY weird...trial this weekend was FABULOUS! I laughed the entire time...Ok well kinda...I have no voice so I croaked the entire time :) But wow...what a great trial!!

So..running mostly silent...Klink and Gator thought that was weird, but occasional sounds I emitted were odd and Klink looked at me a few times like WTF mom!?!? But in general the older dogs dealt with it much better than I thought! Lynn had some issues the first day, but had adjusted by day 2 :) I am happy to report that her contacts were LOVELY! I did try a turn cue with her...but the word RIGHT came out as EEEEEEKKKKKKKKTTTTTT and she was like WTH!?!? And that was the only DW she missed :) I just shut up after that :) She did turns, she did weird offset angled jumps, she did straights. Lynn was a RDW star. A-frames the same :)

I was totally blown out of the water when she won Grand Prix! REALLY!?!?! Whatta good monkey! And she was up against some fast dogs! GOOD GIRL. 31 seconds and change...RUN LORETTA! :) The video says the rest :) So enjoy!
She's still not giving me 100% of her speed just yet, but I am SOOOO happy with her...she still gets baby brain every now and then...but I lose my brain sometimes too :) So I think I'll just give her a hall pass on that for now :)

The biggest thing for ME personally...was I wasn't worrying about the contacts...I just focused on handling, and getting there. My speed is really increasing, which is great as now I feel a bit more in control after the DW because I am able to be there. That is a HUGE motivator! So that has changed for me. I don't even LOOK at her a-frames anymore...and a few times this weekend I didn't even look at the DW. A great feeling :) And to KNOW she would turn at the nice!

Day 170: Because...
My friend said I wouldn't post a picture of myself...not sure why she said that...but here ya go. She didn't say it had to be a NORMAL picture. So kisses to all of you! :) Cyber kisses...not real ones. Don't come up and kiss me if you see me at a trial, I'll kick you in the junk were warned :)

Klink the Stink was a good little fuzzy dog this weekend :) She ran well, COLLECTED (YAY GRID WORK) and didn't do anything stupid. It's a miracle...but then her mother did a REALLY dipshit thing in Snooker on Sunday. 5 points baby...good dog :) She won Standard one day...did lots of other good stuff. We call her the "old woman" in the group of young dogs. But she's a fast little bugger...she was weirded out a bit by my lack of was kinda funny. But she did great :)

Gator and Crackers were the Q stars of the weekend...good boy dogs :) I'll add video of them as soon as I get it done. Gator didn't get to run in Steeplechase because he had a cramp in his ass (hamstring) but it was able to be massaged out...he ran fine on Sunday.

Here's Team Crackhead :)

I'll add Gator's vid as soon as I get it done :) Not to worry!

The dogs are all looking great, listening and tuned up for Regionals this coming weekend :)

I'm just doing Grand Prix and Steeplechase with mine, the husband is running Team as well, but I just wanted to enjoy the time in Denver. So I'm gonna sit on my butt and chill :) Saving my voice so I hopefully have one. Lynn will be running in Steeplechase...THAT should be interesting :) It'll be fun though...excited about it.

Before THAT however, I have a short little fishing trip to go on...will take pictures :) Love fishing, love boats, love water....ahhhhhhhhh :)

Day 171:
Logan in the pool again...he looks like a's damn funny...I am sure D doesn't think so...
Snicker...heee heee :)


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Yay for video! So fun to just RUN!

Karissa said...

I love your videos!!

And while I didn't expect you to answer ALL of my silly questions, thank you. :o) But come on, where is the puppy love?? Some day you will be ready. And when you are, I will be there waiting (ie: hovering).

Does Andy ever get bored with having such amazing runs all the time? I mean: 1st place, 1st place, 1st place.... Gets kind of repetitive, does it not? lol

Loretta Mueller said... IS!!!!! IT REALLY IS!!! :)

Karissa...when there are one or two dogs in your's pretty easy to get first :-(( He wishes there were more dogs...

Karissa said...

Ahhh, the little dog plight of USDAA. Kaiser wants to come play, but he would be a 12P dog and wouldn't help Andy's cause, unfortunately.

But you wait -- He'll go to Regionals and be awash with small dogs and he'll still win 1st Place. :o) Crackers is just da' bomb.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question:) I think Jacks are an excellent small dog that meshes well with the BC's and they are manly small dogs:) We have both in our family. Zach and Nub feel Andy and Cracker's plight of the little dog in USDAA. They've moved to 8" performance and there is more competition. Oh, and Zach LOVES taking Nub for a ride in his Jeep:)

Kristi said...

OK, I'm WAY late for asking questions, but if you're still taking questions from the audience ... how did you teach your dogs to run with you and NOT take obstacles in Snooker openings? I currently yell threats at my dog while while hop/running/stumbling to the next red. You make it look a lot smoother. Help! (and my dog is not super-obstacle focussed, but she finds it very frustrating to meander through a ring of equipment).