Saturday, May 14, 2011

Refreshing Change Of Pace...

Wow...what a great day at the agility trial...I honestly haven't been able to say that for awhile :) First off...the facility was TO DIE FOR. Seriously the best turf I have EVER ran dogs on. My feet are not hurting...the dogs are not at all sore from slipping...amazing facility. We WILL be back :)

I decided to go into this weekend with a "run for the fun" attitude...enjoy running your dogs. The entire ordeal with Jadah has really made me look at things differently. Every run could be the last one you never know.

And especially with Lynn...let her make mistakes, let her figure things out, and just be there to support her. I was mainly trying to see where she was in terms of training. I think with her doing so well out of the gate, my expectations were higher than they should have been. So going into this with just the expectation I will support her.

With the older dogs...I just wanted to handle...try a few different things...not let the "what if's" creep into my mental game...handle with no worries basically :)

And wow...the dogs gave me 200%...

Master Gamblers--Lynn's first DW's in competition since her fall, since her jumps in March...first DW was LOVELY...second DW was GOING to be lovely...BUT the buzzer blew and it startled her! LMAO!! She was like WTF!?!?!?! She still got in, but not as pretty as the first ones. She didn't get the gamble, but that is fine...wasn't even remotely concerned about that. Klink and Gator ran great, both Q'd in Gamblers.

Master Standard--this course had some handling things I wanted to I did it. Klink took first and Gator took 2nd. Klink beat Gator!?! Crazy :) It was a lot of fun trying different stuff between the 2 dogs. And running just to run was a LOT of worries. I'm liking this!

Advanced Standard--Lynn needed one more leg for her AAD...thought I didn't let that actively cross my mind. I wanted happy and confident...that was my goal. She handled like a dream, RC's were in, she hit her DW and I forgot to run for a second...which caused a bit of a "Lynn barking at Loretta to HURRY UP!!" moment...but she ran clean, 1st place and her AAD. It was a BLAST running her with those RC' it!!!!!

Day 129: AAD Lynn :)
Master Pairs--Gator and his awesome partner won it :) Klink and her awesome partner Q'd...Klink decided to jump her very first A-frame contacts...OK....brat. But her partner made up for Klink's apparently brain fart :) Thanks Liar!!!

Advanced Pairs--Lynn ran her side very nicely :) Running AF was perfect and deep, weaves were awesome...handled like a dream. GOOD GIRL!!! So no Q due to her partner E'ing...but I was focusing on Lynn anyway :) VERY happy with her half!!! :)

Snooker--for the first time in a LONG time, I actually wanted to push myself and risk things in Snooker :) I did...and I ran my ASS OFF...which, running 3 dogs in the 22" class, I was grateful for all the workouts I have been doing...I messed up Gator and Klink both...they still Q'd, but I had a blast trying for it :) Lynn did great in the opening, but knocked the 5 bar. So she ended up with her very first Master Snooker Q :) I forgot out fun it is to try to get high points and not just "get by"...loved it! Many great trys on that course! You had to HAUL! Personal victory, ran 3 dogs in the 22" class with no issues of dying out there :) Click/treat for me!

Jumpers--Gator had a bar and I had a very funny moment...LOL! Klinker...what can I say about Klinker...probably THE BEST run I have ever had with her :) She won the class and I am going to relive that memory in my head forever :) Not because she won the class...that wasn't it at all...she has won jumpers before..but this was just one of those runs...She couldn't have ran it any more perfect. She extended when asked, she collected when asked, I had good timing...I LOVE RUNS LIKE THIS, Q or NQ...runs like that one are addictive :) Good girl Klink. Since I've been really putting time into keeping her front end stretched out, she is moving so nice. AND...some of the tension has left her that she normally has...

Advanced Jumpers started out really well with Lynn, but she took some bars...tis life. She still got to tug and play at the end :)

Klinker had a perfect day! Gator went 4/5 and Crackers also 4/5. Lots of laughs, smiles and cheering each other on. Letting go of things is a great thing...letting go of what "might happen"...just enjoying the course with your dog. Everything felt great today...I am so proud of my dogs. But most importantly, I am proud of myself for keeping things in the proper perspective...a perspective that helps me as a person to stay balanced.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader said...

Haha we DID share a brainwave today! Sounds like a great day for you and your doggies. Perspective rocks! Can't wait to see that facility.

Breanna said...

Sounds like a great trial day, congrats on all of your success!

Loretta Mueller said...

Perspective is least for me! :)

Breanna--thanks! :)