Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Even Steven :)

Day 120: Best.Picture.Ever
Ohhhhh Maaahhh Gaaaaahhhhh izzzz Hoooooottttt

Even yet again takes the cake :) This dog has me laughing constantly...if you didn't catch it, look at the picture again, this time focus on her eyes :) LMAO!!! WTH is up with THAT? :) Oh well...she was said to be "normal" according to the vets office...maybe they missed something?

I wish I could take a video camera and follow Even around for a day...so you could get an idea of just how freakin' hilarious she is...the faces, the things she decides to do to entertain herself...how her tongue is too large to fit into her mouth...she is insane...love this dog :)

It's 80 here today...the dogs are dying and I am in heaven :) Ahhhhhhhh

Been sick, been busy, been busy being sick...will catch up on things...but for now I leave you with Even in all her amazing abilities...???

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