Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love it!!!

One of the things I absolutely LOVE is getting updates on the pups from Zip's litter :) I absolutely adore them all and it's so much fun to see them growing up!!

Here's a picture of Zing taken by Ami Sheffield :) Next to Spot I get to see her at herding clinics several times a year. She is such a cute pup!!! She just started her agility career and she is doing great! On sheep she is a fun little dog to watch, reminds me of Even a bit I would say. REALLY cute!! She's not tiny like Even though :)
Wind's mom sent me this picture of Wind awhile ago, but I just got around to posting it :) Wind is doing well with her training in agility and herding. She reminds me of a cross between Lynn and Even in regards to looks :)
I think she is one pretty pup, but of course, I'm very biased. She's a quick little thing for sure :)

And then I got some pictures just a few days ago from Vantage's owner :) Van The Man is doing well :) He is a bit later maturing like Lynn is, but he is for sure coming into himself and WOW!! She does both agility and herding with him as well.
He reminds me SOOO much of Klink :) This boy is BIG and a powerhouse!!! A lot of dog to deal with and handle :) Have fun L! :)
He is, I think the biggest in the litter, but not 100% sure, Peat might be a bit bigger, the boys in the litter are for sure big, must have taken after Jake.

Love this one :)
I have NO idea where the HUGE TONGUE came from...but he and Even have it. It's like it doesn't fit into their mouths a lot of the time! LOL
See? Klink :) This is sooooo Klink...
RUN L!!! RUN!!!!!
I see a bright future for both pups! :) I wish Jake was still with us...this litter was towards the end of Jake's stud dog days :) My friend Lora also has a litter out if him, which her Gyp very well was probably his last litter. He was an amazing dog for sure. Glad I got a small piece of him in these pups.

The weather is looking up for the trial :) So that is great...going to get the dogs worked one more time in between teaching lessons all day.

Speaking of working...

Day 112: A Whole Lotta Awesome...
I am well over half way to my fitness goals!!!! Just have to buckle down and push myself. Which the hell workouts (my pet name for the HIIT days) are doing a GREAT job of...I hate them, I cuss during them, but to hell if I am going to quit them. I look forward to the workouts in between hell days. And I can tell I am getting soooo much stronger and faster. Yes, I am losing weight...but for me, for some reason, it has switched in my brain from losing being fit and healthy and as fast and strong as I can be.

It really hit me yesterday how far I have come already...I put in a DVD yesterday, and it was a workout that, before, I had a ton of trouble getting through...I would be exhausted afterwards...NOW however? I breezed through was awesome. I had so much energy after the workout...just amazing.

MY running DW's are getting faster too :) If I can say ONE thing about training a got me started on this journey. That DW was the catalyst for getting me really serious about my health and fitness again. I realize now, that after moving to Minnesota, I fell into a pretty harsh reality, and got very depressed for a very long time. I abandoned the one thing I had to help me get through all those changes. I used to run everyday...I stopped when I moved up here--all the changes, being away from family, really hit me harder than I ever expected it would., I feel very happy, and blessed to have taught that damn RDW...even when I am cussing it this weekend (whether Lynn jumps it or I can't handle it! LOL) I can't get too upset. In a way, it sort of gave me my life back.

It feels good to get back to me, one pound at a time :-) So...HIIT workout today...BRING IT ON!


Morganne said...

I saw Wind this past weekend in Utah. She truly is a beautiful girl! Love her attitude too.

Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader said...

...Are they related to Klink? If not, that one baby must be a Klink Klone, raised by Zip as her own! Wow!

Loretta Mueller said...

Awesome Morganne! :)

Shenna--yes, basically 7/8ths the same genetically :) So yeah...they sure do look like Klinker :)