Monday, March 28, 2011

Lambs, Lambs and More Lambs!!!!

My dogs aren't getting a lot of work right now...lambs are the main focus right now. They get walks? Does that count?? Some of them are dealing with the vacation better than others...sorry Even..

But with some "special brownies"....iz all goooooood :) Today, after getting all 7 dogs outside, and about 5 minutes into the walk, Zip takes off towards the barn...I figured I should just check to see if she might be right...and behold...more lambies! WARNING: Gooey lambie pictures! First lamb out...and if you want to look closely, there is another on the way :) If you don't know where to's not coming out of her front end :) Strong lamb, already trying to nurse within minutes of birth.

So I went back to the house, called everyone in (and of course they looked at me like I was an idiot--WE JUST GOT OUT HERE!!!!)...sorry kids. Back down to the barn...and a lamb was sort of hanging out (I'll not share those pictures!) But she was pushing and not getting a lot I helped a bit, not much, but enough to get the head out and then the lamb was out :) I retreated back to the other side of the pen... And she got to work on the newest edition :)
The Miracle of birth--it really is, it amazes me every, single, time we have a everything works the babies manage to fit inside the ewe, and come out, usually with no all just works. Amazing...
So cute...sure...yeah...all gooey and yucky...whatever, still cute if you ask me!
Another strong lamb :) Which is good...we had another set yesterday that was also two strong twin hopefully the weak lambs are done with.
Mother and babies are doing well...I put them in the lambing jug after I let the current resident out into the pasture. That was the mother with the triplets, one of them stillborn and the other is Ernestine...the 3rd lamb is doing great and enjoyed being outside with mama :)
Our first lamb born, now outside with mama :) Doing very well, getting fat and growing!
So damn cute. That's all I can say...SO. DAMN. CUTE.

How am I doing? Well, other than sleep deprived and smelling funny (except for the 7 minutes after I shower before I have to do a midnight lamb check)...I am great! Currently living off Diet Coke and Cadbury Creme Eggs...

Day 86: Does a Body GOOD!

It is possible to live solely off of these lovely pieces of happiness...and lose weight even! Maybe take a vitamin though...waiting for the scurvy to set in :) I could cook, but why? They come in a 5 pack, very portable...pair them with a caffeinated beverage and you are SET!

I plan my lambing around the Cadbury Creme Egg makes me happy...lambies, Diet Coke and Creme Eggs, there is a God :)

Speaking of a higher power...Ernestine was taking a turn for the worst last night and this morning :( She got the Hershey squirts (no that didn't dampen my need for Cadbury Creme Eggs..sorry) and got lethargic and stopped eating :( This am I made the drive to town to get some IV stuff, needles, etc etc. Gave her some Sub Q fluids...and waited. Had to go teach, and hoped she wouldn't be gone by the time I got back. Luckily, she was good...sucked down a bottle and bitched at me for more :) Has since ate 3 more bottles and gotten LOUDER :)

I'm happy, Ernestine's happy...hopefully this is the end of worrying about her :) can you not love pictures like this...OMG...

On a very "proud parent moment" students did great at agility trials this weekend :) Lots of brags, lots of great runs. I couldn't be more proud of them...just makes me so happy to see them all be successful and confident handlers/trainers :) Sure..they had a ton of Q's...but MY main pride came from the fact that they upheld criteria, handled without being cautious and really did their jobs to help their awesome is THAT??If any of you read the blog, you all ROCK!

I'll get back to training my dogs...sometime...for now I am just enjoying spring and life :) I am very blessed!

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Sarah said...

there is nothing cuter on the planet than little lambs ... i am enjoying see all of your photos :)