Thursday, February 3, 2011

Turns.... the DW that is :) For Laura who asked :)
So...You need a pole of some kind at the end of the DW...this shows WHERE the turn starts. Defines the idea that the dog must run to the end of the down plank to then turn left or right.
Lynn didn't particularly care for the pole that needs to be placed I will be working on her wrapping the pole and being very comfortable with being close and touching it. Step 1 :)
Then pole goes next to the end, and I will be running her straight forward to an obstacle...tunnel, jump etc. Once she is running straight with the pole at the end of the down plank, then I will be moving the jump around SLOWLY to work her on turns...
I plan on getting this going after the trial this weekend...I am not really in the mood to be trialing this weekend though...want to work on training dogs...not trialing. Just like to trial when my dogs actually GET WORKED. Winter blows.
And apparently, it's that simple :)...............................................
LMAO...yeah...right...but I am sure we will get it :)
Favorite Quote from the entire seminar "First have something to control, before worrying about something to direct and control" very very true. I think I might have been really spoiled by this seminar...I am not sure if seminars given by Americans will be exciting anymore...such a great person to learn from!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Just amazing...and it was also nice to know there is someone that trains similarly to me...since I live in BFE up here ;)
Day 34:CHARGE!!!

Our dogs have to go to the "potty area" that we have set aside for them, since we don't want dead spots in our yard :) I love watching them run out there many times a day:)

And then watching them running back... AceKlink Lynn Crackers Day 35: And Even...who apparently loves potty time...a little TOO much :)

One of the simple things in life that makes me smile every, single, day :)

I have notes...LOTS of notes...and I will work on them this weekend or next week. Trial this weekend, going to try to get Lynn into all Masters classes. Hopefully I will get some vids to post.

Again...need good luck ADCH vids for Andy and Crackers...if at first you don't succeed, try, try again :)

Also...there are 94 of you that are followers! How crazy is THAT?? That many of you want to actually read the boring crap I write? WEEEERD :) Just kidding...I appreciate all the people that take time to read my blog and comment too :) I have met so many amazing people because of it!

I have something special planned for when I have 100 followers...FUN!!!


D said...

Looks like 95 followers now!

Winter really does blow.
Love the "charge" photo!

Louise said...

Make that 96 followers. : )
I've been "unofficially" lurking for quite sometime. Always love your sense of humour and great pics.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Thanks Loretta! That's what I thought but it was good to see it in picture form :)