Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I am not sleeping, too excited about the Silvia Trkman seminar tomorrow, Advanced dogs, with Super Stewie (aka Lynn, aka Stewart, aka STOP DESTROYING TOYS GOD-DAMNIT)...she's in season (good timing though, will be out by the trial in a week...whew!!) so will be sporting some super sexy panties (sorry Lynn...the shame). Then watching the husband and the terrier run in Masters on Monday and both dogs in the Running Contacts Seminar Monday pm. I have lots of questions on these contacts :)
Worked the pups last night...Lynn did lovely, her speed is just well...leaving my fat a** in the dust :) LOVE IT. DW's were great...I need to work on her not coming off the side at all though when there is a jump to the far left or right...she runs and hits, but she is leaning off to the side of the board. SO...question for the famous ST. I plan on videoing all my sessions with her (if I can get someone to do that) hopefully I will have lots of things to work on. I am not the type to say, OH YEAH, I'm working on it and she has it at home. I usually am going....NOPE, my dog doesn't know that...might be good to teach them! Sigh...probably my simple nature and the fact that I have adult ADHD :)
Oh...and 24" weaves...Lynn only had 2 double steps, the rest were SWIMMING! Not sure if it will work...but so far so good!!!!
I didn't work Klink and Gator though...I was in just a bit of a "non-training" mood...which was fine for working one dog. Normally I am ready to go after starting on the first dog...but when I was done with Lynn, I was done. No reason to train dogs when you are just not into it...better off playing fetch with them in the barn and letting them get some exercise without your issues invading the training :) Klink and Gator didn't care one bit :) Everyone's happy!
Back to the seminar...REALLY looking forward to a fresh perspective on lots of things...I wish I could audit every session, but with the husband's schedule and 7 dogs...I will have to just live through my students...who I am happy to say, are going to many (if not all) of the sessions, either working or auditing :) The plan is to have a party at my house sometime for all of us to go over and discuss notes and what we learned...sweeeeeet :)
Day 29: 25 pounds GONE BABY!
Like I was going to show the world ME on the scale...PLEAAAAZZZEEE :) Gator said he would volunteer, he's at a good maintenance weight :) Thanks for taking one for the team Tator Salad!

Gator: It's great having a mom that can run faster with I can run faster, and scream more on course...she's awwwsum...

Thanks Tater :) You rock...

And what's up with the *********'s ....not sure...I thought it looked fancy :)

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