Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silvia Trkman: Day 1

Advanced Handling with Lynn :)
First off...I have to say that Lynn handled the seminar very was for sure a great day. She did however, remind me she is barely 2 years old by the afternoon :) But that's OK. Her first seminar and I was pleased as punch with her!
She was having some issues with the swimming the WP's was not to be today...I freaked out a bit...and came home to see if she would swim at home...yep. Once she figured out the footing was good...WHEW! So that made me MUCH HAPPIER! She did try her hardest to adjust to the footing...and I was glad to see that. She WILL be getting a good massage tonight...
Things to work on:
I need to start working more independence in the weaves...and that kind of went away when I started working footwork stuff...SO...will be concentrating on that :)
Lynn also did have an issue with the DW to a jump very close to a wall...wasn't driving like she should...and LUCKY ME, Silvia was right there to cool is that?? So got that dealt with.
Also just my timing..but aren't we always working on that?? LOL
And some new ideas on cleaning up my current handling and adding a few skills to my dogs "bag o' tricks"...rock on baby!
The courses were very "European" and that was fun and challenging! So
me sequences that had things in them that I wasn't familiar with. It will be interesting to see what the hubby and Crackers encounter tomorrow in the Masters Handling seminar! I wish I could do both, but I am happy I had Lynn in Advanced and NO was plenty of challenge for her :) So I will audit Masters Handling tomorrow and take vids of Team Crackhead. Then both dogs will run in the RC seminar tomorrow evening...I am super excited that at least 3 of us who are working (there are 6 spots total) for sure are going to want to work on turns...should get some good stuff on that :)
Overall, she handled great...I was really happy with how she did and Silvia was GREAT! Great presenter and lots of great ideas :) I really like her approach and it seemed like the handling was more similar than I thought it would be :)
I will be adding a few more auditing sessions this week...thinking turns and motivation on Wednesday would be much fun.
Here are a few happy with the baby dog!

OH...and I got to meet a couple of blog readers too! How fun is that!?!?!! :)


Monique said...

Wow, awesome!!!!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Lynn and you did fabulous! It was really fun to watch a team that looked like they knew what they were doing out there :)

Sare said...

Fun, great runs. YOU were running really great, smokin'em, you are definetly faster! Lynn did great, she looked really good. Fast dogwalks too. Will be fun to see how she does tonight!

Tori Self said...

Sooo awesome!! That looks like a blast!!

Loretta Mueller said...

Monique--I highly recommend her!

Nice meeting you Laura! :) Vito is an awesome little dude!!!

Sarah...I really felt faster :) It was nice not carrying those 25 pounds around the course for sure!

Tori---VERY FUN!!!!

Steffi said...

You and Lynn are awesome!! And Lynn's contacts are amazing :)