Friday, December 3, 2010

Whatta Day!

I had the day off, so Donna and I, Klink, Lynn, Spot and Donna's lab Jadah (she had an agility lesson today with me, so why not go along for the ride? LOL), loaded up in the minivan and headed down to Southern Minnesota to work sheep. pictures :)

We spent a good 3 hours down there, working all the dogs.

Klink--goal with Klink--shedding different sheep. Accomplished :) SHE is brilliant, I need to get myself on more sheep to work on shedding different types of sheep. We did get several sheds though, she is not even looking at the other pack of sheep now :) Coming in well and taking control.

I also worked on her lifting off another person, which, I really don't think she ever has, or if she has, it has been YEARS. She didn't care, didn't even see the spotter...just did her job :) Good girl Klink :) Did a bit of whistle work, outrunning and just general stuff...she is listening well, pacing herself and is just a dream to work...can't wait to trial her this next season.

Lynn, working covering still...figured out she is more inclined to cover IF: #1 I don't have a stick in my hand and #2 I walk away from the sheep with my back to her..then turn around when she gets to balance. I let her come onto the sheep strong and WOW does she come on :) Ask her up and expect her to come forward, love that about her. She was covering well the 2nd time I worked her, tucking in sides and I can now give her a "get" and she will give and release the sheep a bit. I really think she is JUST right on the spot that things are going to suddenly fall into place with her. Her away side is lovely...and she is not hanging up as much on the Come Bye...when the sheep bolt she is more than happy to cover that side, so I think we are getting there.

I was also sending her a good ways and she was casting out very nicely...

I told Donna I thought she and Spot were ready for the field, she said Okay.... :)

It's just a round pen with the sides down...she gave me another look :) TRUST ME...

So she and Spot worked in the bigger field today. They did GREAT. Donna was nervous at first, but quickly settled down and realized I was right (as always...when will she learn?!?! JUST KIDDING!). Spot was doing some nice little outruns and even pushing back on Donna quite a bit. He is getting full of himself and Donna even had to give him a hard time here and there :) Good stuff from both of them, I love seeing the two of them working so well as a team. Such a joy to watch :)

Then did a bit of work with K's dogs (the gal who owns the farm) and I think I was able to help her out a bit as well :) Feels good to know I can try to pay her back for letting us work her sheep.

And on Sunday, Klink, Zip, Gator, myself, my friend Sarah and possibly Donna (if her husband doesn't want to kill her for doing so much herding stuff! I swear the poor man is a herding widow LOL) are heading up north to help a woman move her flock of sheep 7 miles to a new farm. It will be a long day, some hard work for the dogs, but REAL work...I love REAL work. Through roads, over railroad tracks, etc etc. I think Sarah is going to bring along her camera to get some pictures of the process :) Should be some cool photos. And you know how much I love photos!

And I think between all of us, we can make a Sweetgrass film :) I will be the dude cussing at the sheep as that is my THANG...Donna and Sarah can take turns

Tomorrow...Even sees at home. I am hoping to get it on video :)

So excited, not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight!


D said...

Sounds like a great day! From your posts about herding we certainly see what your true love is!

Probably a stupid question, but wouldn't it be alot easier to move sheep that far by borrowing a trailer?? or would that just be too easy and not as fun?

Kathy said...

Trailering the sheep would put more stress on the sheep. Is better for them to be moved this way. Less stress equals less weight loss, etc. It also means more "real sheep work" for us!! :^)

Don't worry Loretta, I'll probably be swearing at the sheep right along with you. I'll be bringing my camera too.

Kathy said...

Oh and Janet told me that we'll be moving 110 sheep on Sunday. She also told me that she got the clearance for the RR tracks.

Loretta Mueller said...

Yep Dianna...what Kathy said :)

Good deal on the RR tracks! 110 sheep, FUN FUN FUN!

livin life said...

Hey...why did I not get invited??? Oh...because I live in Oregon....ok! Have a great day...I can not wait to see Even on sheep....and for that matter...any picture of your dogs and sheep would be welcome. So do you need me to come take the pictures...I am not too bad when it is not of my own dog!