Friday, December 17, 2010


I miss working dogs with Andy :( We always seem to be on the wrong calendar when it comes to work dogs in the winter. He's traveling, or I am teaching, or it's really FREAKIN' cold...grrrrr

Summertime it isn't an issue...we work dogs after I am done teaching :) But winter makes it so much more difficult. There is no great place to train dogs in the winter, on a consistent basis up here. Barns work fine if it isn't's not going to happen.

So we are making a "date" of it tonight :) We are heading down to the cities, renting some ring time in a nice HEATED place with good footing :) Go work dogs, have some dinner, spend some time together...long time coming on this.

It will be good to get Lynn on yet another set of different equipment...I am hoping to take some videos of them working to post. Klink is taking the night off, she had a sore ribcage after slipping on the ice yesterday, so we will just let her hang out and keep the bed warm :) Even will be going along, to work on some TUNNELS and a few jumps set very low.

We don't do the fun run thing...just because we have so many dogs and want to run them all, and want to warm them up and cool them down works better if we just rent a ring for an hour...and Annelise at Agile Canines in Minneapolis said it was no problem :) Thanks Annelise!

It will be fun to see if my fitness level has increased also :) I have been working out and I can't really judge my speed at the barn we work in since the footing is sand. So kind of drags you down, but a GREAT workout :)

I am down 12 pounds, which might not seem like a lot, but for me I am very, very, happy. And I am doing great with my eating. Not banishing junk food, that's just not me :) I love sugar and all that stuff too much. But just limiting how MUCH I am eating :) And not eating for emotional reasons (which has been an interesting journey in itself :) you have any idea how many EMOTIONS you have...I eat for all of them :) NOT GOOD. But I am getting a handle on it and I feel so much better.

I love lifting weights, not sure why, but give me some free weights, some hip hop/rap/heavy metal music and I am ON. Love, love, love it :) Maybe I have anger issues?

Off to get dogs packed up and we are OFF!

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