Monday, December 20, 2010

In Minnesota, you do what you have to do...

The field turf for the garage has been ordered :) Yes that's right...we are going to put field turf in the garage...if you haven't been following and missed the one post about it ;) It will hopefully be here next week :) So excited!

Klink slipped and fell on the ice when walking the other day...that sealed the deal for me. Winter sucks...dogs slip, dogs get hurt and I can't NOT walk my dogs all winter long. That is a disaster waiting to happen. Insert garage (insulated and never gets below freezing) plus turf and you have a lovely place to let the dogs rip and tear around. And not kill themselves :) Perfect.

Plus...we get to try out the field turf for the winter, see how the dogs move on it, and if they slip at all or have to change their running style. Since it is the same kind we want to put in the barn. WHICH...WILL GO UP THIS SPRING!!! :) Barring any natural disasters or acts of God. Or state, or some crazy loopholes we forgot to jump through...or the President saying we can't. Which are all possibilities at this point. I won't say it is 100% until the barn is actually STANDING...but there is a flickering light :)

I am a HUGE surface snob. I'll admit it. I don't like my dogs slipping. I don't like my dogs falling on their heads when running agility. I won't enter certain trials because of flooting that is even "ok"...I love good grass, I love good dirt and good field grass. Rain, it depends on the footing. My dogs train in the rain, but on good footing. Footing they can dig into...footing that doesn't turn into an ice rink in the rain. Zip's last season competing before she got her Performance ADCH, if it rained, she didn't run. I didn't need a slip that could cause her to fall and hurt her back. So I raise my hands, I AM a snob. YES I am :) So sue me...I don't care.

I also don't like letting dogs "work on crappy footing to get used to it" they run all collected, tucked up and striding 50 times more than normal. It's one thing for them to have to do it for a weekend, but to constantly train on it is just not what I would do to my dogs. Personal opinion of course. Maybe that makes me a baby, but I run agility because I ENJOY IT WITH MY DOGS. Injured dogs are no fun, and seeing dogs falling and slipping is also no fun for me. No fun = no enjoyment.

We have also thought about dirt, but in reality...I haven't found a dirt that we REALLY like. If you have a mix, please let me know :) And well...dirt is dirty. I don't like that. And with the temps in MN being well below freezing most of the winter, watering would be a huge issue, so horrible dust. The barn (at least for now) won't be the field turf would be much easier to deal with in regards to dust and upkeep. Sure the initial investment would be more...but I am sure it will pay off in the end.

Yes...we are insane. But I am sure, if you have read this blog for more than just this post, you would have already known that. And had it confirmed OVER and OVER and OVER again :)

Lynn's DW is back :) No worries...she just needed more time on it. Which is what I will be making an effort to do. This means more driving, but that's OK. Anything for the dogs right? :) Today she was perfect, even into THE NOTHING :) I like her, have I ever mentioned that...sure, she frustrates the crap out of me at times, but realistically, ALL my dogs do at some point (YES EVEN is in this group as well...I know craziness). I think I am just not very's a me thing :) She really is a fun little dog to run...

And Christmas is almost here...and it will be SO nice to be staying home. No traveling, no going to 17 different houses. Just Andy, myself and the pups. We both bought lots of presents...for each other and the dogs, and both of us took the week between Christmas and New Year's off. The plan is to go skiing, LOVE skiing, and just RELAX....and apparently put in turf, which isn't relaxing...but good!

As after that, agility starts taking over again, USDAA trial in January with the 4 dogs (Crack, Klink, Gator and Lynn)...followed by the Silvia Trkman seminar (with Lynn in the Running Contact part and in handling) and then trial, trial,trial. Plus getting in some herding lessons in Missouri...etc. Looking at what USBCHA trials I will be running Klink in this year etc. etc. Lots to happen in 2011. Looking forward to it.

This trial coming up with be Lynn's first time running in Steeplechase :) Excited about this! Also her first time running in Master Snooker, I am not as excited about this :) 3 dogs in 22" No we will not be going for Super Q's...we want to just stay afloat and keep Lynn's head on straight!

Every winter I realize how much I miss having the litter of puppies to play with. Lynn and Even's litter made winter FLY by. I swear I spent half my winter just watching them :) The other half was cuddling with them :) It's so hard to believe they will be 2 years old January 13th...I hope all the puppy people will send me pictures so I can post them on here HINT HIN THOSE OF YOU THAT READ THE BLOG. I WANT PICTURES!!!!! :)


Debra Kay said...

I'm putting stall matting in my dog room-people that don't have dogs just don't get it do they?

kiwichick said...

Time for another litter :-)

Karissa said...

I'm interested to see how your dogs run in cramped quarters. As you know, I matted my 20' x 22' basement and working down there completely zapped Secret's speed -- There's just not an opportunity to run without hitting a wall. Happily, when given the chance to run full out in a large arena this weekend she was back to normal (if not faster thanks to being happy to have space!).

I know your garage is larger than my basement, but in case your dogs feel the same way about tight spaces it might not be the turf's fault if they slow down or run collected. Might just be the small space.

Then again, your dogs will probably still run like a bat out of hell. :o) I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Loretta Mueller said...

Debra--nope...they all think I am nuts :)

Kiwi---NO WAY :) Maybe in 4-5 years :)

Karissa--Not worried, I teach my dogs to LOVE and drive out of collection. They don't by nature like to collect (no dog I know does actually unless you work it) I reward a LOT and will ask for collection and throw toys to get them to drive out of turns. I want them turning as tight as they can, but not to slow down horribly, just round and change their jump arch. I won't be setting up a ton of stuff in the garage, but I am sure I will do some video so people can see the dogs working on it :)

Before Nationals that is all I do is collection and going from extension to collection and driving out of turns. They know it means LOTS of toys :)