Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Lord...FAIL...

Blogs are good for trying to remember stuff :)

So another month goes buy and I have another lesson with Mr. Teacher...who
has now seemed to figure out my messed up handling style. GREAT...until he gives
me things that make me go EWWWWW, I don't do stuff like that. Getting me out of
my comfort zone...good stuff :)

Tonight was a night of failures :) Failures are feedback...the feedback I

Mr. Teacher did not say this...he just smiled at me at times, even laughed,
and I had to inform him that sometimes I get pissed when I can't get
something...I jump up and down and throw a bit of a tantrum...he is to ignore
me...and when I am done I will go back to the start...and try to NOT do the same
thing again :) Again...Teacher just smiled...I wish I could read his mind
sometimes...but I am not sure I would like to hear what he REALLY wants to
say...I bet it's scary in there...

First up Lynn...Lynn is constantly changing her mind on the dog she wants to
be...tonight, with the DW she was "I AM DRIVING HARD AND FAST AND NOT GOING TO
TURN"...she didn't let me know this until we were running. Mr. T had me doing
some good stuff off the DW's and I will say this...HUGE FAIL. Here is a diagram
of those failures...getting into this Paint stuff :)

So the object of the game was to PULL Lynn to the correct end of the tunnel
(the smiley face end of course...sad face is NOT the right end)...me thinking I
would be all SUPER SMOOTH, attempted to put in a front cross at the end of the
DW...and promptly fell on my ass. They have this matting everyone calls "Smurf
Turf" and the stuff is VERY GRIPPY...I went to pivot...and it didn't happen.
F*ck me...Teacher smirks...I laugh...it's damn funny...I swear I fall every
lesson on that blue matting...grrrrr....

So while I am doing my falling down/FC thingie...Lynn doesn't even NOTICE I
am doing anything and goes into the sad face end of the tunnel...Um---kay...I
didn't attempt that again...I thought falling again might make Teacher pee
himself from holding in the laughter...than goodness I have no self esteem
issues :)

So then I call her...first time late and BOOM...sad face end. 3rd time
(after having a bit of a tantrum about my inability to handle this damn contact)
I got it. Good dog...moving forward...I suck, I need to suck less...check.

Add another failure...see below:

Betcha can't guess which one SHE took...sigh :) I did finally get her to the
tunnel after a few attempts...good news, TIMING...bad news...TIMING...

Things I learned:
Lynn LOVES rubber contacts
Lynn goes VERY FAST
on rubber contacts
Loretta is fat, needs to continue losing more weight (I
am down 13 pounds though!!!)
Smurf turf blows when you need to pivot
Lynn is a lovely jumper :)
Lynn turns tight
Don't say Jump and Lynn
at the same time (DURRRRRR!)
Need to work on the DW more (imagine THAT)
Lynn didn't miss any DW's though!
Mr. Teacher could have EASILY gotten
to the end of Lynn's DW's...or so I think, I offered to let him run her, he said
something about not having warmed up blah blah blah...chicken :)

Gator--goal of the night...working extension to extreme collection...again, some
failures...mainly of not collecting...but he figured it out.

So...one of my homework assignments was to work on my rear crosses, which sort of suck. So I
was VERY proud when I did a lovely rear cross with the Tater Salad...then Mr.
Teacher had me do this...dog on right 1-4 then rear cross 5 to 6 (blue is dogs
SUPPOSED path). My nemesis...how did he know this? Super mental powers I can
only presume...

Yeah..we totally sucked at that rear cross on the take off side of 5...like blew it out
of the water sucked...but we finally got it....kinda. I need to work more on
that and come back next month so I can see again what I suck at :)

Things I learned:

Gator needs to collect when I ask...PERIOD :) Done.


My rear crosses still suck...but are slowly getting better :)


Mr. Teacher didn't threaten to murder me THIS lesson either?! Insanity I tell you!



Good lesson, good evening...and I am looking foward to going next month :)


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Extremely entertaining recap of your lesson! Love the paint diagrams! Sounds like you learned a lot (which is a good thing of course)!

Check out Ricky's holiday video and hope you and Andy and all the pups have a wonderful Christmas!


Loretta Mueller said...

I did learn a lot :) I always do! LOL


Sarah Duke said...

Hey Loretta, you know they make this fancy program where you can build agility diagrams? lol I don't think it has smiley faces though so it might not work for you ;)

Turns off the dog walk were what made me throw in the towel (WIMP!) lol more power to ya. Collection is hard, Kate agrees with Gator.

Loretta Mueller said...

Sarah...no smiley faces?? Won't work...just not gonna happen.

Turns blow...and just when you think you have them...you don't :) Hoping ST can help Lynn and I get it at the seminar...or at least get a good start :)

agilityfrk said...

Fun post! BTW I hate that rear cross you had to do with Gator. Not because it's a bad rear cross, but it requires patience (of which I'm lacking) and timing (which I also need lots of work on). I can not tell you how often I cause Vic to spin away from the rc jump. I may have to set up that skill drill to torture myself....

Loretta Mueller said...

Yes exactly...it's hard for me to do as well or those very same reasons...I WILL get it...it just might take awhile :)