Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spot :)

I am really happy that one of Zip's pups is close enough to me that I get to see him several times a week :) Spot and his owner (and her lab Jadah...not to be forgotten!) come out to have agility and herding lessons twice a week :) It is so much fun teaching then as she is willing to really put the work into training and always does her homework!
And I get to take pictures of Spot :) He is really growing into a lovely dog :) BIG boy, (hard to believe Even is his sister! LOL It is nice seeing him working sheep in addition to agility, which he is doing very well with :) He really reminds me of Jake...but for sure has some Zip in him as he is a naughty, mouthy little bugger! The males from this litter seem to be quite a bit bigger than the females.
Very intense...
And here is his mother in him...the grass frisbee :) LOL
I wish ALL the puppies lived closer so I could see them!
But having Spottie here will just have to do :) Such a gorgeous dog...I know, I am biased!
So happy I bred this litter!!


Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader said...

Wow, he is so handsome! What a nice litter.

D said...

Great photos of this handsome boy!