Thursday, October 21, 2010


I love this time of year. Nationals is all over, no more trials until January...just time off. The dogs are not running agility...lots of hiking and enjoying them being dogs :) I love training, trialing is OK, but not the most important thing to me. I could never trial again and, although I would miss it, as long as I got to train my dogs, I would be content. And without training happening, it gives me time to reflect on the year. So many things have changed since this time last year and it is always fun to go back and look at how much life has thrown at you and given you :)

Even...this time last year was lame, no idea WHY, just knew she was lame and no vets could find the answer...I cried, a lot. How hard could it be to find out what was wrong with my puppy!?!!?

Now, she is doing GREAT, we found out what was wrong with her and her rehab is going so very well! We are 3 months post-op and she is moving well, NO limp, NO pain and full range of motion. Plus, I met LV and her hubby TV when she offered to rehab Even...and I can honestly say they are amazing friends, amazing people and I am so grateful to have them in my life :)
For Even, high impact activities will be starting very soon! She is now allowed out in the house to move around! We are all so happy! not everyone is happy Even is back out in the house....Sorry Gator :( Gator :) My boy...has done an amazing job this year...given me all he has and then some. He has really gotten better and better every year. He started out very soft on stock and in agility, and now he is not at all sensitive in either area!I have always saw myself as preferring to train girl dogs over boys, but he just might change my mind :) think I almost lost her a few short months ago due to a Rimadyl overdose. My heart dog, the one dog that I adore above all others. The thought of losing her was too hard for me to even imagine. Luckily I didn't have to even think about it. She pulled through with flying colors with no permanent damage :)
The thought of never seeing this face again was just too much. I am so grateful for the people that cared for her.
My "puppies" are now grown dogs! Amazing! Time flies by so quickly it is hard to believe they will be 2 years old in January! The rest of the litter mates seem to be doing very well, working stock and/or doing agility. Never for a minute do I regret this litter.
Sometimes I wonder if Zip does though :)
Klinky...Stinky little problem child :) She has made some huge leaps this year as well, mainly in the relationship we have with each other. I have been trying some new approaches to Klink and I am seeing that we are getting closer as a team. She has always been a "means to an end" type of dog, just wanting to work and not really caring WHO works her. But now I am seeing her really want to choose ME over others. Which is great to see :) Makes me so very very happy.
Ace :) Another year with my old man. He constantly reminds me to enjoy the simple things in life, like laying in the sunshine, rolling in the grass (and the occasional dead thing) and taking life at a slower pace. Each day is something to be cherished. We just recently put him on pain killers for his arthritis and he is acting like a puppy again! Running around, getting the zoomies etc. It is so nice seeing him having the time of his life. No rules for Ace...he can do what he wants :) is all I can say about him. This time last year he was a young puppy...not wanting to run in the dirty barn, we were working on building drive (as he was very sensitive) and teaching him running fast is FUN! Hard to believe that was just a year ago. Andy and Crackers started trialing in January of this year, and in 14 trials are 1 Standard leg away from their ADCH. And Crackers made it to the Grand Prix Finals at the USDAA Nationals. What an amazing few months. I have so enjoyed seeing my two boys becoming a team. I am nothing short of beyond proud for the two of them. We retrained his running dog walk with the help of our dear friend Angie B and it has been so neat to see that be so successful :) They are the perfect team and I am just so lucky I get to take both of the home every night :)
Crackers knows he is special too :)
And my Lynn, Stewie, Stewart, Lu Lu...
Was just a young puppy about to embark on running dog walk training, which had more ups and downs than a person with bi-polar personality disorder! She has changed so much from a year ago, I get her, I understand how she thinks, and I adore her more and more everyday. She is the first running dog walk I taught using Silvia's method and I am so happy I did :) This has taught me so much about training and I can't believe where we are right now, looking back on this year.
Don't be getting too sappy on me mom...seriously. I am embarrassed.
I have an amazing group of dogs...and I don't at all feel the need to include Ace in this photo as he hates his picture taken...remember? No rules for Ace :)
My dogs all get along really well, no issues, they all fit in together and I am grateful for that.
Things happen for a reason, although Even's entire ordeal I could have done without :) I did learn a lot from the whole process...but still, we could have just not had to deal with that one!
And of course, we can't forget Vittles...the kitten I tried to give away for a LONG TIME. We found her around this time a year ago :) She was annoying and I don't like cats. But she must have known I was that way. She decided she was going to be a dog. She lives in the garage, goes out when she pleases. Goes potty outside with the dogs (literally...follows them outside to the potty area), plays with the dogs and in general pretty much is a dog. The only kind of cat I could tolerate!
So damnit...of course she is staying, I love Vittles...I will deny it tomorrow and probably delete this part of my post once I come to my senses. But I do love that cat....shudder :)
Even loves Vittles too...just not how Vittles wants to be loved...
A many changes...and it's good to take some time to enjoy the good and the bad, as most bad things do lead to happiness in the end. At least for me it seems to be that way. I spent several hours outside today, soaking up the sun and spending time with all my dogs. Watching them play, run around, dive into and out of tunnels, call them from staring at the sheep over and over again, just sat there :)
My outlook on life has actually changed quite a bit this year. I no longer worry about "what others think", or how they perceive me. I am who I am, and I am fine with it. Something that I can say has not always been true. I am, probably for one of the first times in my life CONTENT. Completely content. I don't want for anything, I am happy with my life and I feel complete. OK in my own skin...what a great feeling that is!
I am truly blessed.


Loretta said...

It was sure nice to become friends with you this year. It was an unfortunate circumstance that we came together, but it sure ended up great in the end. :) You and Andy are awesome people, and your dogs are just fantastic. Can't wait till you come down our way again for a trial. Maybe I'll have to come up your way soon?? Just not when it's snowing.....

fulltiltbcs said...

THAT made Even's injury worth it!! I am lucky to know you both and call you my friends :)

Yeah..not when it snows...not a good idea! LOL

We will definetly be back down for sure! Miss you guys! Congrats on the Kitty at Nationals!

Dianna said...

Great post! Wow, hard to believe all that happened in one year! Here's to the next 12 months being mildly uneventful!!

fulltiltbcs said...

I would LOVE a boring year :) Somehow I have a feeling that won't happen, but I am hoping! LOL

Marcella said...

Love all the pictures and reflections. That's what it's all about. They all look happy and content themselves, grateful to be where they are and with who they are. I imagine they've got it quite well and enjoy each and every day to the fullest. I love that about dogs-they teach us simply things like that. :) I, too, remember little Zip's special ordeal...gave us all a scare. I'm sure you check on the Rimadyl every day to make sure it's still where it's supposed to be, am I right? haha Glad Even is ok and happy, too. Hopefully next year will be just as great, if not better!!!