Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Challenge...

After watching the FCI competition all this week I am inspired :) Loved watching the amazing handlers and teams get through these courses that we don't see over here in the US. So Andy and I thought that it would be fun to set up the FCI Individual Large Jumpers course. Tough and lots of twists and turns, and COLLECTION. Here is the course off of Agility Vision's website.

LOTS of challenges here, and Andy and I were walking it realizing there was NO place, until 19 and 20 that you could let up from your dog. You needed to be there 150% for EACH and EVERY turn and it was very intense. We ran it several times and WOW was it FUN!

I have been working collection with both Klink and Gator a ton getting read for USDAA Nationals and I could tell it helped a great deal :) The dogs stayed nice and tight through all the challenges and their jumping was great! Andy and Crackers got to work on timing and keeping the little white torpedo on course and tight. GREAT course! I then reran it and rewarded calls to heel and collection points for both dogs...just to show them collection gets them toys! Lynn even ran it and although she missed the WP entry (tough for the baby dog, will have to work on that) she did everything else very well :) She runs much tighter than Klink or Gator...I wish I would have timed all 3 to see their times. But that's OK...

It's fun having things that you look at and go " F*CKING way" and then the dogs doing well...that rush. So fun!!!!! You don't get better unless you do things out of your comfort zone! So much fun!!!

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