Friday, October 15, 2010

Day...whatever it is....

What a day! Full of really low and really high feelings!

Gator's team started out 4th this morning! Go Pyro's Maniacs!!!

Team Snooker walk thru at 7 am...seriously?!?! I am barely functioning (actually 6 am my time)...yucko. But none the less, we walked. Since we were the first running at 9:30 am I did a conservative plan, 7, 4, 5, and 6. Gator ran first, and in usual GATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fashion. A scream was required, though not due to HIS behavior. This was all me baby. Sorry Tater! He made it all the way through, and although not the winning points, he didn't hurt his team, my goal. Klink had a LOVELY run, honestly, one of the best I have had with her...and unfortunately she dropped a bar on the 5 combo :( Oh well....tis life. So not a horrible run with her, but not stellar, other than she was totally listening well and working with me :) So in my book, a winner!

My other two teammates did well hopefully we will be standing well for Jumpers tomorrow!

Crackers had a good Snooker run, but Andy Q'd a tunnel instead of the A-frame, so got a 2 instead of 6 :) It was cued so well we all thought he MEANT to do the tunnel :) Good Crackhead! Not sure where his team sets, they were above the cutoff this am...

Grand Prix Quarterfinals gave me a good spanking...yowza. Gator's run I completely mucked up when he turned the wrong way over a jump and I like totally went brain dead...yeah. I am such a winner. Klink's run was lovely, but I had a small "head in ass" moment and sent her off course..oh joy :) So not Grand Prix for us this year. Which really sucked, mainly because it was ME...grrrrrr Crackers had a Bye to Semi's...which run tomorrow. I wish I had a Bye as that course at alot of dogs...and handlers...I am going to have a scar on my butt for a good long time :)

LET IT GO. now to Steeplechase Semi's...honestly, I didn't expect much other than handling the best I could. Gator was up first and nailed it! He had several wider turns but not due to him not trying! He was skidding out on the dry dirt...yuck. He still managed to pull out a 29.36 second run :) I waited then patiently as the last group ran and he managed to make the cutoff at 17 out of 20 dogs! So Gator gets to run in Steeplec`hase Finals tomorrow night!!!!!! :) How crazy is that!?!!?

Klinky...well, she had a LOVELY run, but apparently her "10 pole pop out" raised it's ugly knocking and not weaving all the poles are two of her biggest issues (all due to her MOUTH MOVING TOO MUCH!) no Finals for THE STINK....Oh well, I still love her...most of the time ;)

This morning, my dogs ran on mud (watered the arenas)...and this afternoon they ran on hard/dusty dirt. Hard for the dogs to adjust to the differences :( And I stay out of the rings as much as possible, otherwise I am getting very sick. To the point of headaches and severe allergy stuff :( Yuck. I miss Scottsdale...did I mention this????

Fun watching all the teams I can...I miss being able to watch everyone...


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations on making the steeplechase finals! WooHoo - go Gator!!

Happy said...

Congratulations, keep rocking guys!