Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tired....and baby dogs :)

Done with day 2 of the trial....Lynn did well, going 4/5 (and the one NQ was a dropped bar on an otherwise LOVELY jumpers run :) She finished her SR and SS titles :) Good job baby dog!

Gator was well...not feeling good...figured out what the deal was after he did a hand stand off a jump...subluxation in his back...poor kid!

Klinker was a great little girl today! Won Standard, 2nd and SQ in Snooker, won Steeplechase finals...good girl!

Crackers had another great Standard Q, but got everything else :) He got a very difficult gamble proving 12" dogs CAN rock gamblers! :) Only 2 more for his GM....and one more Std for his MAD....and then we do the ADCH countdown :) Hard to believe they have only been trialing since January and it is his first dog...he *has* to have a good trainer working with him (GRIN).

Something I did notice this weekend, is turns off running contacts. There were TONS of them, even in Starters, 90 degree turns with discrimination crap...I have to admit...not overly happy about the running contacts right now, Lynn was great on them, don't get me wrong, but I am not 100% sold on them :) I promised myself I would give Lynn a year with running contacts if I got them trained...but lets be honest. I am not getting younger...and the handling WILL get harder for those with running it was an interesting weekend :)

Lynn is doing really well for her 2nd trial...or so I think. When I take a baby dog into their first trial I have NO expectations. The number of things we are asking of them to perform, on different equipment, with craziness all around is HUGE. So I just want a dog to have fun. And Lynn is defintely having just that :) She noticed, during her 3rd Pairs run, that..OMG THERE IS ANOTHER DOG IN THE RING :) Hee Hee...

Her teeters, which I wasn't crazy about last trial, are settling into more what she does at home :) So that is good....the weaves are still, on occasion a thing to try to skip, but she got more entries and even a hard one off her running Aframe :) Good kid. Dogwalks were great, not one missed, Aframes were good, but I noticed when I am not running with or ahead of her she will go short on I need to work more driving ahead....and revisit turns off the Aframe :)

Lots to work on, but right now I am just letting her figure out what this is all about. She is already starting out 300% better than Klink did and much better than I am happy with my girlie :) I am huge on building confidence in the ring, letting them know they can trust me, work with me and we can have fun :) I don't ever get upset with baby dogs....not one bit. Patience is a virtue I don't normally have a lot of...but when it comes to baby dogs the slightest try I am happy with :)

Here are some pictures my friend Sarah Thoreen took :) Thanks Sarah!!

The Flying Crackhead!!! I'm not entirely sure what is going on here...maybe I was breaking out the robot on course :-D Tater Salad!!! Go Gator Go! Team Crackhead in perfect unison :) Run Andy RUN! Trash Talkin' Crackhead!!!! Good boy Gator! Stinky Pete! Classic Klinker :) Stewie!!!! :) Lynn!


One Dog, One Camera said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I had to giggle about the part where Lynn realized there was another dog :) I am still figuring out all the technical talk, as Riley and I just finished beginners agility, but I hope to be giving updates like this about Riley in the future :)

Again good job!

Kirby @ Dog.Nerd.101 said...

Interesting comment about the handling after the dog walk. Even in starters yikes! I have to admit, the idea of blazing fast contacts is really alluring, but I'm with you in terms of still being on the fence. I remember watching the AKC nationals this year, and seeing most of the people with running contacts (even if they were done well) fail to successfully handle the course after the contact. Having said that, two weekends ago at a USDAA trial I saw one woman with a wicked running contact (and the handler herself was in amazing shape) NAILED the running dog walk straight over a jump into the correct end of a curved tunnel. She was the only one who could handle her running contact, and I think it's because she is an awesome athletic shape herself. Most of the other top handlers who have running contacts, were way behind their dogs and their lack of motion (or slower motion relative to the dog) pulled the dog into the wrong end of the tunnel. Kirby @ Dog.Nerd.101

Julia said...

Great shot of Crackers in the one titled Run Andy Run!
My 5 y/o daughter say the YouTube video in this post and said, "Hey! What are you doing with Onya?" lol
It makes me miss playing/working with Miss Onya!

fulltiltbcs said...

One dog, you will have lots of updates! I am sure!!

Kirby...yes...they are interesting to say the least...I have gotten in BETTER shape training them, but I need to get in awesome shape...working on it :)

Julia, I am sure you do miss running Onya! get back in there girl!