Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sheep and Running Contacts

I like them, I love them, I loath them...(the running contacts that is...I always like my sheep!)

Turns blow...just sayin'. I think it is very challenging to work on turns, which is what we are doing currently. They are going well, but I am finding it not alot of fun to train. Not nearly as fun as the "run like your ass is on fire across the dogwalk" training :)

Finding the timing on turns is also hard and I am really having to work hard on that...the handling of the running contacts I think is even harder than teaching it...

I am sad that Lynn's last trial for the year will be the end of Regionals and Nationals she won't be running at. But, I am also excited because I have lots to work on with her.

HANDLING she is rocking at. She is doing everything like the big dogs, 270's, 180's, serps, threadles etc....and nailing them. Jumping is going very well...she has a good form. But...things to work on with Lynn:

Turns on contacts (mainly dogwalk)
Sends and proofing directionals for Gamblers...
Proofing the teeter more as she thinks, I run the other 2 contacts...WTF?!?! :)
Weaves--bugging me...she is doing the 24" poles, but not how *I* want that will be good to get those worked on more. I want her swimming, IF she can. If she can't....ok fine. I will be good and just leave well alone :)
Startlines-drive going UP, getting elevator ass...hee hee
Her confidence is really coming along...looking at the 1st trial vid versus the 2nd trial vid was a huge difference :) Good to see it. That is my goal right now with her.

Running contacts HAVE taught me to look at the big picture and not focus on the instant reward. Right now I realize I need to run her off straight, get THAT in competition, then start asking for turns, but she need to run fast and straight off first. SO...I will probably have to forfeit some runs and that is OK...thinking big picture on this...

But at this point I know I CAN teach a running dogwal, 2 in fact at this point and one in the making :) Lynn, Crackers retrain and I am now retraining Zip, just to see if I can :) She is fun, and it is a great, low impact thing for her to do. She is having a BLAST, and really getting it! So when someone asks me how it was, I can say from actual experience :)

Oh..and not related to running contacts--I need to get my damn roundpen up so I can work her on sheep! We are keeping back 4 or 5 ewes from this years lamb crop, and they will earn their keep by being worked by the dogs.

This week we should know about the building, whether it happens or not...I am crossing my would be so nice to have it!!!

Klink is getting more and more polished on sheep. I am working her on shedding and she at first was VERY tense being asked to come in "grab ahold and do naughty things"...but after a bit of regrouping and figuring things out...she is doing well, coming in calmly and taking the group I want. She is starting to like it, which is great :) I am still making a hole for her...but I am sure, just like Zip, she will starting knowing to do that herself...I need to get her out on some farms to work other sheep and see how she is doing off the farm.

I am excited about trialing her again...probably next year however...due to funds with Even's surgery :-((

Well...a post about a bunch of nothing! LOL


Kristi said...

"getting elevator ass." - that is so awesome!

Please keep posting videos of your agility training - it gets me motivated to work on my young dog. He says when he grows up, he wants to run like Even!

Kristi said...

Er, I think Rex meant he wants to run like Lynn when (if) he grows up! Although once Even gets up and running, I'm sure I'll be super-envious of her too.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I have the same sentiments about running contacts! It feels so so rewarding to watch them nail it, but then the next day all I feel are doubts. I hate training the turns!

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL Kristi :) It's OK, you are not the only one that gets them confused :)

LL& is kind of bipolar thinking! LOL One day I am YES I LOVE THEM, the next...not so much :) LOL

Good luck though!!!