Friday, August 13, 2010

Had to share this...

After my "negative people" post...Mia, from "Adventures of My Canine Canine Crew" wanted to post this as a response...I figured I would share it with all of you as it made me LMAO and it is so very very true :)

"I like to call it the "positivity game" (inspired by my "pessimists beware" non-doggie friend). So, let's say someone comes up and says your dog doesn't look good. You say, you mean your eye has gotten use to my dog's brilliance? It works with all form of negativity and is most quickly effective if you tell the person, "Oh, you want to play the 'positivity game'! Fun! Say something and I'll answer in a positive!" ;-)"

Thanks for the words of wisdom Mia!I believe I will be employing this whenever possible :)

I think, for me anyway, it is important to remember I am there for my dogs, my husband, my students and that is it. I don't trial because I want people to think I am amazing. I trial because it is fun and challenging. What others think of me is their own really isn't any of my business :)

Speaking of fun and challenging, I am off to pack the dogs up for a USDAA trial this weekend...running Klink, Gator and Lynn :) Should be a good time!!

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