Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy busy day!!!

I love days like this, work your butt off and get a lot accomplished! There is just something about working hard, getting things done, and being able to sit down at the end of the day and see all you have done :)
The day started with an agility fun run at our place :) It is nice getting all of my students together and seeing how they handle stuff :) We always have a great time, sometimes even switching up dogs! I am thinking of having a fun day, pot luck thing...that would be fun!
My friends Sarah and Donna (she has Spot from Zip's litter) helped Andy and I get our round pen going! :) After a long day of working, it is DONE! And I can't wait to work dogs in it! The ewe lambs we are keeping back this year will earn their keep by training baby dogs :) Tomorrow though...I am tired now! :)

And I spent some quality time with Even today :) Since she is getting cut back on her exercise she has been a bit I took her outside today and just had some time with her and I :) She ate that up! I was taking some pictures of different faces of Even Steven!

Give to me, now. Don't ya hate it when you get crap caught in your teeth? Don't touch my ball...DON'T How many pictures are you going to take? Seriously...Happiness = Squirrel ball! What Even thinks of the camera lady!Even endorses Squirrel Jolly Balls! There are other things we could be doing now... I am staying in the down, but I am NOT impressedI would rather be working THOSEGetting REALLY tired of the pictures You will give me ANYTHING I WANT Sheep? Now? Just give me the word...I am so there If looks could kill, this one doesn't really do that....but it sure has a "REALLY??" factor :) Not looking at the CAMERA..but that grasshopper over there? I am SOO on it. Sheep.....Sheep....Sheep... OK, you have got my attention now...Or maybe notI thought we were spending time together...and yet I can't because that damn camera is in your face! WHAT!!??!? And she kinda looks like ET here, LONG neck :) Not really, just all the white :) I want...I want NOW! FULL ATTENTION! Please? Now? Pretty please?Nom Nom Nom MINEI just love this photo :) No face other than the one I love :)Now? Can you send me NOW?? My Even :)Make the pictures STOP!

OK fine...this is proof Vittles was not harmed during the taking of the previous blog photo :) She is still evil as ever, and prefers to eat my landscaping over anything else... And Vittles and Even ARE friends....except when Even holds her down and smothers her...but still :)

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