Friday, July 2, 2010


I need a tune up...

This past weekends trial I felt like I was going back to default. The "easy" handling (aka for me rear crosses).

The person I normally take lessons with has injured his knee and can't do lessons right now :( I really enjoy all the challenges during those lessons and I always come away feeling like I have so many things to work on.

I need to be pushed a bit, I need to be challenged and taken out of my comfort zone in regards to handling. My dogs also need to be taken out of their comfort zones to test their skills and see where the holes are!

Easy is safe, easy is going to get you the Q, but easy isn't FUN! Easy is BORING! I am definetly bored!

OK...well with Klink and Gator anyway :) Lynn with her running contacts keeps me on my toes :)

Will start lessons again with a good friend who is a great instructor and I KNOW she will push me :) Feels good to know I am going to be tested on a weekly basis :)

Building things are happening, but not NEARLY as fast as I want it to. At least we have a good bid for the to just get bank crap figured out. It will be great to have a place to run my dogs whenever I wish :)

Speaking of running contacts. They definetly have pros and cons. One of my FAVORITE pros, however, is that I don't have to STOP, I just run, Lynn just runs, and I don't have to worry about holding up criteria (which I admit to sucking sometimes at that!). WE JUST RUN. I like that. I like the challenge it presents. I like that rush.

Will I like it when I can't get there and Lynn goes off course? Nope, but I think for me personally, it is worth it. Agility for me isn't about Q'ing all the time. It's about my dogs going as fast as they can and can I handle them, keep up, direct in a timely manner etc. Sure I like to do well (duh) but when something that is super difficult comes together that is worth it :)

Being in a comfortable place is something I don't want in agility. I always want those butterflies, the thought "will I get there?", how am I going to handle that. Without that tiny bit of nervousness, agility just wouldn't be fun for me...


Tori Self said...

Hey me too! (And rears are my default also.) And I'm *so* jealous of your running contacts and ability to just run without maintaining (boring ;)) criteria. :P

I'm vowing to run like I mean it at our next show... you in? :)

fulltiltbcs said...

I am totally in :-D

Definetly need some of that to get me going again :)