Saturday, June 5, 2010

Catching up...

Ahhh...a day spent with the husband and the dogs :) Pretty perfect in my book!
It is so good having Even home, she looks so good, very fit and her coat is GLEAMING! LV took amazing care of her and I am sooooo grateful for this opportunity!
Even was VERY excited to see her mother, she turned herself inside out I think when she first saw her :) And she spent all Friday evening playing with everyone :) She can PLAY!!! WOO HOO!!
Today we took her on a 1 mile walk, with Zip, Klink and Ace. I am not ready to turn her loose in a huge field with Lynn, Gator and Crackers....they are insane and run hard. She is sound, but not as physically fit as they are, due to her long rest. So I am going to work her up slowly :)

Even, Zip and Lynn

She did ball work today and got lots of cookies :) And we did several restrained recalls this evening...she looks great! Lots of tugging, and she was out in the house all day :)So I will just be increasing her activity. Tomorrow she gets to go swim in the lake! :)She has fallen right back into the routine of life here. She and Lynn play constantly as if they are trying to catch up on lost time :)I feel complete again...things are back to the way they should be :) Even can play, she can run around the yard, NO leashes, NO flexi-leads...just Even playing and running :) What a wonderful thing!!
Lynn thinks having her sister back is great! A best friend to torment and play bitey face with :) Gosh how I have missed that face and those crazy eyes :) All of my dog are in better shape because of was a blessing in disguise :) I have learned a ton through all of this and TOPS Canine Rehab has me as a client for life. They are an amazing group of passionate doctors and staff. Absolutely amazing. Oh look...Even is back making goofy faces in photos :) Aww Steven :)I also didn't realize how TINY she is. But wow, seeing Lynn next to her (well any of my dogs except Crackers!) she is small...a pocket Border Collie!
But size doesn't matter...this girl has so much try and heart :)
I am so happy I kept both of my girls...wouldn't trade that for anything!
So here's to things all getting back to normal...
HA! Normal!?!? Really mom?? HERE? Living with YOU!?! Oh hush Steve!

Oh and I forgot runs from the past weekends USDAA here ya go!!
Gator's runs from MAC....or some of them anyway :)

Team Crackhead's runs from the past weekend at MAC :) They only need one more Standard leg to get into all Masters and get Crackers AAD.

Here are Zip's APD runs :) What an amazing dog she is...Andy is trying to convince me to keep running her in jumpers only :) I might have to think about that :)