Monday, May 31, 2010


Just got back from a very long, HOT, weekend at the MAC USDAA trial :) Andy, myself and the Full Tilt crew packed up the RV and headed down to Lake Elmo for 3 days of agility!

I always think, as I fill out the entry for a 3 day trial, THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN. The 3rd day rolls around and well, I am tired :) How I always forget this :)

Saturday was good, sort of :) Gator was OFF...way off, so off I couldn't figure out what was up, was he injured? Was he sick? What the heck as wrong with my dog? My dog who normally goes no lower than about 75% Q rate (many weekends 100%!) Q'd 3 out of 7runs...he was really off.

Gamblers was fine, he was great, ran fine, a bit slower though...but managed to win Gamblers, good kid :)

Grand Prix...I'll take total responsibility for that one :) Yeah...definetly :)

Standard...spaced out...went around a jump...HUH? Gator? Really?

Pairs--Q'd but I had to REALLY keep a good hold on him to keep him from going off on his own and taking things...Hmmm

Snooker---fine, ran very well, and in the closing spaced out, didn't take a jump, went AROUND it again...weird.

Steeplechase, great run, listened FAST...Q'd and then dropped the last bar..OK..odd, but OK. He is not normally a bar knocking dog...

Jumpers--knocked the very first bar (never before has this happened) refused a jump... I am thinking, BROKEN DOG...something is wrong...what is up with Gator?

We went back to the RV and he was ESTATIC to see Klink (who stayed in the RV for the day just to be nice to her since she isn't running)...he wouldn't leave her side...he was STUCK TO HER.

And it dawned on me...he has never been to a trial without her...EVER.

Sunday we brought Klink---MUCH better :)

All the mistakes were mine :) He had a lovely jumpers run, 2nd I think, Standard 4th, Gamblers was a GREAT run but he dropped a bar (which after looking at the video...I really shouldn't scream OUT over the bar...yeah...thanks)and took 2nd in Snooker and a Super Q----ran GREAT...the old Gator was back. Klink will never be left home! LOL

Very odd really, they don't hang out together at home...amazing how dependent he is on her!

Today was good :) Q'd in jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers and got his DAM Team Q with a 5th place. He also finished his LAA-Bronze :)

It was good to have my boy back!

Zip...she ran in 2 classes, Jumpers :) She needed 2 jumpers legs going into this weekend. Q'd in jumpers on Saturday with a lovely run and a 2nd place. Sunday...I led out, thinking to myself this if she Q's this run she gets her Performance ADCH (called APD) and is retired from agility...and I hear her, BREAKING :) I proceed to chase her butt all around the course and she Q'd and won the class :) APD Zippity Zoom :) It is bittersweet...the end of her agility career really...but a good thing for her :) What a wonderful girl I have :)

It was very fitting she broke that startline on her APD run :) Just so Zip!

Andy and the Crackhead had a great GREAT weekend too! :) Finished his AG, got 2 Masters Jumpers Q's, 2 Masters Pairs Q's, 2 Master Snooker Q's (all firsts as he was the only dog entered in that height). One of his Snooker Q's was a SUPER Q!!! Which isn't easy as he has to run against the 16" dogs! And he did! Held his own! :) They also picked up an Advanced Standard leg with a 1st (so one more needed) And Q'd in DAM Team today :) Good weekend for them!

I am agilitied out :)

And SUPER good news! Even Steven has been CLEARED TO COME HOME :) I am estatic, I cried when LV called to tell me! We go pick her up on Thursday and she gets her final check-up at TOPS on Friday! :) I am SOOOOOOO happy and can't wait to see her!!!!! She is on NO restrictions! NONE! My girl is a DOG!!!!!! :) Thanks to everyone for all the positive thoughts!


Debra Kay said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend, and even better news to come home to.

Taryn said...

Great post! I enjoyed your description of Gator's runs. I could totally visualize them.

I also liked your "I am agilitied out :)" line. I think we can all empathize with that.

And lastly, so glad to hear that Even will be home soon!