Monday, May 17, 2010


I ran Lynn on an Advanced Standard course I set up...this was her first REAL course ever. And she was clean, gorgeous contacts...very very very nice everything else...

I need to do more courses...a LOT more.

Tonight I wanted to work her on some dogwalks, but realized very quickly that she was getting bored with "just dogwalks" Lynn gets bored she tries different things :) Not exactly what I want. SO, no more just practicing dogwalks! I am going to be only running courses or working handling...but I need to realize the dogwalk and aframe are trained...TRUST THEM!

And I am going to put the girl in a class....which kind of scares me, but I think all will be fine. I need to see how she will do with all the craziness that classes create in a dog :)

No idea on trialing...I have a lot of proofing to do. She is hitting her weave entries really well, her teeter is getting more solid, but SHE prefers to not hold her 2 on 2 off's :) Imagine that...running the rest..why not the teeter!?!? LOL So more rewarding and proofing is in order.

Also more jumping work is needed. She isn't a bar knocking type of dog, she is a very nice jumper..but I want things a bit more smoothly. I don't enter my dogs until they are fully prepared!

So time will tell :) But wow is she coming along, I can't believe in just a few months she has went from NO work in agility to what she is doing now!

We go to put her and Spot again on sheep at a friends house, SOOO excited about this and I hope to get some video :)

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