Monday, May 24, 2010

Farm dog pool party :)

What do you do when you have lots of dogs, not a lake nearby and the baby pool just isn't cutting it?
Buy a GIANT STOCKTANK! And turn it into a puppy pool! Yeah I know, it might look funny, but the dogs don't care! :) And we hid it behind the house a bit :) Terriers CAN swim!
And actually ENJOY IT!
Mother and Daughter :)
Whole Fam Damily ;)
Lynn--our resident sea otter!
I call this one "Watching"...... :)
Crackers--ready to get that tennis ball!
I LOVE this picture :) MY PRECIOUS....

Zip...keeper of the balls....tee hee!


Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Not many people understand "my precious" unless you live with it. I live with it and TOTALLY understand it.

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL yes you do! :-)) HEHE