Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Done :)

Even Steven is in Wisconsin with my friend Loretta ( Loretta's have to stay together man! LOL).

The past two weeks have been hard. But today was actually much easier than I thought :) I took her to Loretta's and she instantly settled in. Didn't mind her dogs, played with toys and was very happy :) Made it easier (NOT EASY) but easier to head back to Minnesota.

She has been awesome already, sending me pics of my little peanut and doing massage and leash walks with her..she will go to TOPS tomorrow to get a re-check with Dr. Jurek to see what else they can do :) She already has the OK to do some hydro therapy! Which I am sure Even is going to LOOOVVEE! She is part fish I swear and loves water!

Even at Loretta's missing me...YEAH RIGHT! :)

I am so very blessed to have someone that is willing to take Even for so long and rehab her. I am not sure how I got this lucky or what I did to deserve this, but I am so very very very grateful for Loretta :)

This is just so awesome that I have this opportunity :) So very very happy!

Oh...and to my isn't for drug is for a muscular injury...yeah...just makin sure you get that ;)

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