Monday, April 19, 2010

A new toy...

I am like a kid with a new toy :) Lynn is doing great with her running dogwalks! I was just doing 10 down planks a day when I was raising the dogwalk.

I SHOULD have known that 10 FULL dogwalks would be too much for the kid :) DUH! She will continue to work, however she gets sloppy and ends up jumping a times.

I did too many today during this session...and the last one she jumped and was getting tired.

So we will only be doing 4 a day MAX...I don't do dogwalk work every day though...what else could I teach her!?!? But you get the point...quality versus quantity :)

I am so very proud of Lynn :) Whatta great little girlie! AND pretty as you can see below :)

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Taryn said...

That looks NICE!