Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Manymuddypaws saw it coming....

Hush Amanda...Vittles is staying here...Andy convinced me...but she will NOT be in the house...a garage kitty...kinda trashy sounding, yet fits her perfectly ;-) Vittles is trashy...look at her laying on her back...such a ho.I can hear Amanda saying I TOLD YA SO from where in Canada she lives...HUSH AMANDA!!!!!

And the dogs really like her :)

Zip has adopted her as a is quite funny watching Zip try to nurse Vittles bites her and is like WTF?? I need to get that on video!
Damn cats...guess I will have to add her to the sidebar :)

We also have ANOTHER freaking cat...Andy calls her Miss Cleo after the Jamaican Psychic lady on TV?? She lives in our barn, yes we got her spayed as I am NOT the new home for cats. I do NOT need 75 cats living in my barn. Miss Cleo can live there, but NO MORE!

And yes...I talk to her in a Jamaican a white girl trying to talk in a Jamaican works for her.

And the sheep...they are HUGE...and their udders make my chest hurt...reason number 1,897,3216 NOT to have children **shudder**.And as I was typing this blog entry babies started coming...apparently blogs make ewes have lambs...AWESOME! So I went outside and took care of the new twin ewes...

And I came back in...did a bit more blogging and went back out to check on the lambs then I got this...Another ewe JUST had her baby...and then I realized...she had actually had TWINS in about 10 minutes... These ewes are GREAT mothers :) I am not sure what these two are, I didn't want to mess with the mother too much or the lambs, so when she has them all cleaned off I will take a look "under the hood" and dip navels. This is what it is all about, if someone offered me a job helping with lambing somewhere, I would take it in a heartbeat.My favorite time of the year!!!!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Not to take any of the credit away from Amanda, but I think a lot of us saw it coming! LOL! But we did not know you actually have TWO kitties!

The video of Crackers and Vittles is way beyond cute!

Lambs are so sweet - must be fun to have so many around! Hope all goes well with the lambing!

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL I know..LOTS of people saw it coming :) Yeah...Miss Cleo apparently saw SUCKER written on my forehead...

Lambs are a TON of fun!

manymuddypaws said...

people who know me know that I like to say "i told you so...."


that's awesome.

achieve1dream said...

Finally I meet someone else who has 1,897,3216 reasons not to have kids. :)

Very cute video!

livin life said...

Hey....I thought I was taking V as the gift with purchase when you drive the Scamp to Oregon for me! But seriously....that udder on that ewe in the last shot.....since when did you start spending money on udder enhancements! Ouch! Can't wait to see more lamb pics....just don't ever get enough!

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL Lora...she gets VERY swollen right before she lambs. Thank goodness it goes down shortly after :)

Everyone is doing well...and several others are getting!

Tammy Lee Carpentier Bradley said...

Fantastic. Hopefully we will have a lamb soon on our property. We just had a litter of Borders on Saturday, which are posted on our blog.

Thanks for sharing the photos. Very Sweet.