Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Even :)

Even has started her dogwalk training now :)

It took me a bit to get her to understand to RUN on the plank...not BOUNCE UP AND DOWN LIKE A MEXICAN JUMPING BEAN!

Now that she has figured this out...I started to raise the plank a bit :)

This video is of the plank at 2" you can see from the first few reps, I was using food...and then changed to a tennis ball...and she was MUCH MORE interested in that :) And then I raised it to 6" to see what she did. This shows her first time at 6"...her footwork changed, but she is still I am going to keep her at this height and see if she settles into it :)

IF not, I will lower it :)

I was a little like "OMG I have to start over with another dog" but actually it is great :) I have gotten lots of info from Silvia and have an idea of what I am looking for...which makes things really nice the 2nd time around.

Even is a different dog, but the different challenges have been fun :)


Nancy said...

Even looks terrific with the plank. It's such a great game for young dogs to learn so that they can power down the downside plank. Both of the girls look great -not a surprise to me as you always do such a great job training them and teaching them the balance between drive and impulse control.

fulltiltbcs said...

You are sweet Nancy! Thanks :) There definetly is a balance to all that!

Sare said...

She looks good. She kicked into another gear when you got the toy out!

fulltiltbcs said...

Oh gosh yes Sarah :) She has MANY gears :) We did the 6" plank again tonight and she was PSYCHO!! And her footwork was fun fun!