Monday, February 15, 2010

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde :)

Also known as Even (Even Steven, THE Steve, Boo...and her evil druglord name ESTABAN) and Lynn (Lulu, Stewie,Fruitcake,Stoolie (Andy gave her that nickname...who knows). Betcha can't guess who is who? :) HA!!!!

Running dogwalks AGAIN! Are you bored with them? Well I am getting there! LOL

Even has her own agenda when it comes to you will see in the video below :) We enlisted some help of x-pens tonight to keep the little crazy girl fenced in :)

After some FLYING STEVEN!!!! moments, I decided to go back down to 6" from the 12" she was at last comes first...and using the plank as a catapult is NOT Even was demoted to the short bus for a little bit :)

Lynn is back up to 70% hits which is great considering she was like...10% after her issue with the I am very very happy :) She will stay at 28" for a good long while to keep her confidence high and her running solid :) My friend Nancy made a really good comment about rewarding mistakes (it is in the comments section of the last post) She stated: "So, even though you say you were rewarding for mistakes, if you think about this differently, you were actually rewarding her for effort and focus - which then led to her focus improving so that you could get back to rewarding her performance."

Which really summed up what I was, and am trying to do with Lynn :) And it IS working :) Thank you Nancy!

Maybe Even will get the "training wheels" aka the x-pens off the plank next time...maybe not :) There are no "certains" with the little psycho...but OH the fun I am having with her :) I think I might post a NON-RUNNING DOGWALK post soon! HA!

I appologize for the actually IS well lit in the barn...but apparently the camera doesn't pick that up :(

Can't wait until spring and I can start them back on sheep! Lambs coming in less than a month! WOO HOO! Better dust Klink off for lambing!


Debra Kay said...

Good girlies!

Sare said...

Even must know that Hippity, hoppity Easter is on its way - with those jumps in the first one. But she got much, much better so that is what counts. Lynn looks great especially at the end of her runs. Good work all of you.

achieve1dream said...

LOL That's hilarious that you managed to hit the camera with the ball. Glad it didn't fall or break. :)

We have goat kids coming next month too so I understand your excitement. :)

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks everyone :)

Sarah--yes Even JUMPS! Tigger is her middle name :)

Achieve...definetly ready for lambs to come! :-)) FUN on the goats!