Saturday, January 2, 2010

You Give Me Fever :)

If any of you have been looking at my youtube probably have seen some new videos of a little red dog doing agility :) Well HE ISN'T MINE--just so you know I have held to my guns on NO MORE DOGS :)

Fever with a favorite toy--Mr. Monkey :) Very fitting really!

His name is Fever and he is here for a bit to work on contacts :) Fever follows the line from Elton John's "Rocketman" to a "T"....the one that says "high as a kite by then" :) OH YES...that is Mr. Fever :) He gets a bit OVER the top when working contacts and just couldn't stop and think long enough to do his dogwalk contact...

So Jen asked to see if I could work him and I worked him the first night and :) He is a hoot! He couldn't hit ONE dogwalk contact...not one...SO...

Isn't he CUTE!!!!

So we went home...and worked a LOT of impulse control :) Fever doesn't like impulse control, it creates a thinking dog and Fever resents that :) Waiting for food, waiting in his kennel, waiting on this, waiting on that. NO spinning before mealtimes (his like FAVORITE THING EVER!!!) just things like that. Making him work for all his meals etc etc. After doing this he is getting MUCH better on contacts :) He is really making some great strides and becoming a thinking doggie :) He is SUPER cute, super snuggly and just a fun little man :)

Here is a short video I made for Jen in regards to working his impulse control :)

And here is some contact work and handling :) He thinks the dogwalk is the hesitant, but everytime he is getting better :)

There ya go! The story of the red dog :)Fun fun boy!


Debra Kay said...

What a gorgeous boy, so enthusiastic!

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