Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it Spring yet??

Winter and I are not friends. I don't even try to act like I like her :) She is cold, bothers both my friends and family--and well, I think she and I just need to part ways :)

However...she is apparently the needy type...and seems to show up every, single, year.

My goal NEXT winter, is to not have to be outside more than about 10 minutes a day :) There is a lovely agility building going up about 30 minutes from me :) The land is purchased, matting has been decided on (the same kind as at Clean Run's facility), the plans are almost finished and the equipment will be brand new :) I will be very involved in everything to do with the building, which is very exciting and I am sure will be very time consuming...but I am so ready for it :) Still looking at some names though...feel free to put some you think of in the comments section :)

Never having to train in the cold again...taking my dogs to work everyday, training my dogs at work...How AMAZING is that!? I feel very blessed!!

So from the house, to the training building, back to the house again. My life will be complete...and I can avoid winter as much as possible :) Sounds like a plan to me!

On another note...I had a blast at the USDAA trial this weekend :) It was nice seeing people I only see at trials, nice watching all the new dogs running (and SUPER NICE I might add!)and just enjoying all the great runs :)

AND, on a personal note,I was enjoying the mistakes we made...I laughed, at my dogs, at my mistakes, at lots of things on course :) I laughed at Zip breaking her startline stays (SOOOO very naughty!)and I didn't care :) OK...other than the time after Gator having a CRAZY standard run when he, after the run decided my human parts needed to be bitten INSTEAD of his leash...I didn't laugh then...that freakin' HURT! I will let you just guess to yourself what parts I am talking about...and stop being perverted...geesh! :)

But I laughed...after every run I took my dog directly back to my crating area, to a group of people who are always supportive of me, who are always positive and I thanked my dog for playing the game with me :) I swear who you crate around is almost as important at a trial as your mental preparation! The wrong people (not necessarily BAD people...just those with a different mindset than you) can really mess with your mental game.

I think I have really had quite a journey this year in my outlook on life and agility. Lots of changes have been made in professional and personal choices...and I am starting to focus more on ME and my dogs...and less on what others think or care. I am less tense, more relaxed and as a friend noted...I seem different :) I feel mentally more relaxed--which is great :) Things just happen and I don't worry about it. I don't analyze it into the ground, or try to fix everything...sometimes things happen and I am OK with it...it is so nice I can say that :)

There is a person that I talk to a lot at trials, very good handler, and they NEVER appologize for being successful. They work hard with their dogs, and in response they win a lot...I admire this persons confidence and how they are relaxed and confident at trials :) Someday maybe I can be in that place when I am at a trial. For now I will trudge forward :)

Next time you are at a trial...look around who you are crated with...do they help or hinder your mental game?


livin life said...

I agree to the Fullness of your Tilt! Who we hang out with...what we allow in our heads....is just as important as how often and consistent we train! I'm am glad you have found great support! Congrats on your new adventure...looking forward to reading about your new diggs....please put in a herding arena...and I'll move! k?

Jaenne said...

I always have my setup with the same people - my trainer and the other lady that I took lessons with. We used to have a "fourth" but she moved. Anyways, we have a tendency to hang out in the back while those who I don't want to be setup around have a tendency to be up front so it all works out for us. :-) Although I will not be competing in agility forever, I am jealous of the future indoor training facility! I would love to be able to train with Kip all year round...it would probably definitely make a difference at trials.

Live Wire Agility said...

You guys could always name the Facility Minnesota Nice Dog Training ;) LOL I'm sure winter won't come knocking after that... Have fun with it and good luck! Let us know what you decide!

fulltiltbcs said...

Minnesota Nice? Well THAT doesn't sound very "speedy and exciting"...sounds like a bunch of people sitting around ice fishing )

Naw...winter will continue to knock...she always does and always will. Unless I move to Florida maybe?

fulltiltbcs said...

I don't want people to think that I am saying you should stay in tight groups at agility trials...however, for example, if you are a "weekend warrior" that enjoys running agility but winning is not your "be all that ends all"...then being around someone that is obsessed with winning will not help your level of fun...it will probably stress you out. If that makes sense?