Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our first litter!!!!!!!

On this day a year ago, Zip gave birth to 7 gorgeous puppies :) Our first litter :)
During that time, my grandmother had passed away (when they were all still inside Zip) and I ended up wanting to name a couple after my grandmother :) Who would have known those are the two girls I would have ended up with :)
It is still amazing to see that they are all grown up and I have formed lasting relationships with all the owners :) Such amazing people that got these puppies and it is great being able to know how they are all doing :)
The puppies are all doing well in their homes, solid temperaments, great work ethics, and I get the pleasure of working with Spot weekly in agility :)
So I asked all my puppy buyers for some 1 year old photos, so you can see how they are all growing up :) Here is what we have so far :)
This is a short video of Zing (was Gin) doing some agility! Soo cute! :) Patty promised photos this weekend :)

And here is Spot :) He stayed Spot and I get to teach him and Donna all about agility :) It is great getting to work with them! I have also put him on sheep (hoping to do more of that as spring sets in) he is LOVELY!!!!

He LOVES the boat :) Surveying his kingdom :)

Looking all innocent...whatever :)

Sweep is now Peat :) He is training to be a sheepdog and is showing great promise!

And of course Lynn...who you all know well from reading the blog :)

And Eve, now Even :) Again you know her well :)

And Wind (used to be Lil) who is doing agility and herding with Carl :)

Tweed, now Vantage or "Van the Man" :) Training up to be an agility and herding dog :)

I love this picture of him and Leslie :)

Vantage reminds me of Klinker and weird to see two of my dogs in him :)

I will add Zing, Spot and Wind when I get their pictures :)

Maybe in another 5 years I will think of breeding another litter...for now I will just enjoy them all :)


Sarah said...

what 5 years?? but i want a puppy next year!!! LOL

great looking pups!

fulltiltbcs said...

Well actually more like 4 more years...but next


achieve1dream said...

Happy birthday pups!!! They are all so beautiful. I love their unique face markings.

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks! I am very proud of them all :) I know, I know I am biased :)